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January 2019

Report Medical Only Claims To Carrier – Saves Later Headaches

Report Medical Only Claims – The Devil Is In The Delay Should I report my medical only claims to the carrier? Our newsletter and blog readers ask us this question as often as any other workers comp question.    The other related question – Will my premiums increase if I

Workers Comp Bad Faith – Adjusters Look Back Over Their Shoulders?

Workers Comp Bad Faith – The Rarely Discussed Possibility For many years, Workers Comp bad faith remains one of those rarely-discussed topics due to many factors.   The subject rears its ugly head for what seems approximately twice per year.   The worn-out catchphrase is “sent a chill over the industry.” The

Workers Comp Premium Savings Generated With Website Updates

Workers Comp Premium Savings – Keep Your Website Updated How can workers comp premiums savings come from updating your website?   One of our clients from last year had let their website sit for a few years without updating it.   What happened caused me to write this article. During a workers

NY Daily News Workers Comp Watch – Ocasio Cortez Says Woops!

US Representative Ocasio Cortez Fined – NY Daily News Workers Comp Article The NY  Daily News Workers Comp article has been circulated around the blogosphere for mostly political means.  Many of my fellow Workers Compensation bloggers publish articles that are politically-based.   I try to avoid that as much as possible.

2019 Workers Comp Resolutions – Looking Back at 2018

2019 Workers Comp Resolutions – Did You Keep Yours From 2018? Your 2019 Workers Comp Resolutions likely consist of redoing your 2018 resolutions.   Yes, it is that time of year to examine your old resolutions and add on a few more. A resolutions article has appeared in the Cutcompcosts.com articles

Workers Comp Judicial Hellholes Report 2018 Version

New List of Workers Comp Judicial Hellholes for 2018 – 2019 The Workers Comp Judicial Hellholes was taken from the American Tort Reform Foundation’s (ATRF) Judicial Hellholes for 2018 – 2019.   The Judicial Hellholes publications that referred to Workers Compensation also appeared in 2013. I do not agree or disagree



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