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October 2019

Workers Comp Claim Action Plan- Online Access Answers 100+ Questions

Workers Comp Claim Action Plan – Online Access Answers 90% of Questions Most Workers Comp Claim Action Plans cause the adjusters to have to do a ton of work.   Long ago, when I was a full-time adjuster, I looked forward to closing out a file so that I did not

Workers Compensation Medical Networks – Are You A Drive-by User?

Workers’ Compensation Medical Netwks – Discounts Not Being Useord By Employers Workers’ Compensation medical network usage tends to be the drive-by type.   What do I mean by drive-by? PPO/MPN/Cost-Savings Network Most employers have an agreement with their carrier or Third Party Administrator (TPA) if your company is self-insured.    Drive-by

Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement – Excellent Analysis Chart

Misunderstood Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement – Why You Should Read Your Workers Comp Policy The Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement appears in almost all workers’ comp policies.   Almost all workers’ comp personnel and insureds do not ever read any policies.  Who wants to read 40 pages of droning on when the

Value Based Care and Centers of Excellence Matched Pair for Work Comp

Value-based Care and Centers of Excellence – A Winning Combo for Injured Employee, Employer, Carrier/TPA and Medical Provider If a provider mixes Value-based care and Centers of Excellence, the result may be what Workers Comp has been searching for in the last 40 years.   WCRI hosts a webinar next week

Workers Comp Centers of Excellence – Exciting New Medical Trend

Workers’ Comp Centers of Excellence Treat The MegaClaims The Workers’ Comp Centers of Excellence may reach beyond just MegaClaims.   Let us look at the definition of a center of excellence. Researching the term uncovered the newness of the term and concept.  According to a recent Risk & Insurance article  even



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