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August 2019

Worker’s Comp Policy Questions – Readers Top 10 Questions

Worker’s Comp Policy Questions Received From Readers and Google Searchers The number of Worker’s Comp policy questions we receive by email, contact form, and phone always increase exponentially from July through September of each year.  I decided to answer some of the questions received over the last three years. Is

Workers Compensation Numbers Employers Must Have At Their Fingertips

Keep These Workers Compensation Numbers Close For Quick Access The first two main workers compensation numbers involve knowing where your worker’s compensation program is currently. If you do not know where you are, the task of knowing what to do to improve your numbers becomes extremely difficult.  Use Your CompCompass(c). 

Workers Comp Insurance Companies Excelled In This Area

Worker’s Comp Insurance Companies Did This One Thing Right The Pennsylvania Workers Comp Rating Bureau recently lambasted two Worker’s Comp insurance companies for misreporting and delayed reporting of policy information.   One of them has verbally threatened me with multiple lawsuits to no avail.  I will not mention names here. I

Free NCCI State Advisory Forums – Are They Worth Your Time?

Free NCCI State Advisory Forums Provide Great Workers’ Comp State Statistics The Free NCCI State Advisory Forums have provided great state and national data for years.   Some of the Forums provide an Open House to see all of NCCI’s products.   See below for the upcoming schedule. NCCI stands for National



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