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February 2014

One Of Most Trusted Medical Professionals By Injured Workers

Highly Trusted Medical Professionals Include Pharmacists Pharmacists have always ranked very high on the list of Trusted Medical Professionals.  Almost 73% of a recent survey’s respondents listed pharmacists as a very trusted professional.  Only nurses were ranked higher. Since the late 1980’s Gallup has created a poll asking the public

Oklahoma’s New Anti Drug Abuse Bill Will Affect Workers Compensation

Oklahoma’s New Anti Drug Abuse Bill vs. Work Comp Oklahoma’s  new anti drug abuse bill should affect WC. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has given her blessing to a new bill that would limit the use of painkillers by requiring physicians to access a database to check on the prior prescriptions

Loss Run Analysis – Second Step To Cutting Your WC Costs

Loss Run Analysis Second Step To Cutting Workers Comp Costs The Loss Run analysis is the 2nd step to cutting your WC costs. The first step in cutting your WC costs is reading your Workers Comp policy. Online loss runs are the best method of cutting your WC costs from

Rehabilitation Nurse Second Most Seen Provider By Injured Employees

Injured Employees and Rehabilitation Nurses Work Well Together The second most seen medical provider by injured employees would be the rehabilitation nurse if assigned to the file. Last week, I covered the medical provider that Injured Employees see the most overall. As I have often said, rehabilitation nurses or case managers

Bureau of Labor Statistics Provides Huge Amount of Workers Comp Data

Bureau of Labor Statistics – A Wellspring of Data The Bureau of Labor Statistics  can be found at bls.gov One of the great providers of Workers Compensation data is the Bureau of  Labor Statistics .   One has to know where to look to find the best WC data.   Some

All Of Our Brickstreet Clients, New Email Address Changes

Our Brickstreet Clients – New Intake Email Address Brickstreet has recently changed their claims intake email address. One of the Five Keys To Saving Workers Comp $$$ is filing first reports timely.   Their StreetConnect services should also be used if you want to file your first reports as soon as

Physical Therapists – Seen Most Often By Injured Workers

Physical Therapists – The Medical Provider Seen Most Often Physical therapists see injured workers more than any other medical provider. This was a question that a client emailed to me earlier in the week. What medical provider does the injured worker see more in a WC claim? The answer was

CBO Predictions Mean Ouch For Workers Comp

CBO Predictions Bad Sign For Work Comp The CBO predictions mean a big ouch for WC. The recent revision by the Congressional Budget  Office (CBO) in reference to future employment numbers is dire at best.  The CBO Charts are here.   Please note the file is a PDF file and not

Mississippi Court Indirectly Uses WALSH Jurisdictional Test for WC

Mississippi Court Uses Walsh Jurisdictional Test (Sort Of) Alabama and Mississippi were the two choices for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. (See yesterday’s article on a bad faith case).   The  Court very likely did not use the WALSH jurisdictional test.   However, the results were the same.  I

Alabama and Mississippi – Bad Faith Case From Workers Comp Claim

Alabama and Mississippi Bad Faith Springs From WC Claim Alabama and Mississippi had a bad faith case filed from a Workers Comp claim. Adjusters are usually protected from any type of Workers Comp mistake or oversight.  The Exclusive Remedy doctrine has always protected other parties including employers, adjusters, and other



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