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October 2018

Two Great Workers Compensation Guides WCRI – Benchmarks RXs

WCRI Releases Two Great Workers Compensation Guides in October Workers Compensation Guides by WCRI (Workers Compensation Research Institute) were released in October.  The ones that caught my eye were the two below.   The Benchmark study can be broken up by state if you do not wish to download the report

Workers Compensation Reserves Reduction Alternative Mini Guide

Workers Compensation Reserves – Lowering Them Can Be Difficult The Workers Compensation reserves on a file naturally generate controversy.    Why is there so much discussion on them?   How can you have a great conversation with your claims adjusters? A workers compensation claims adjuster’s daily activities include 12 more important

Why Are Workers Comp Pharmacy Benefits So Expensive – In One Picture

Workers Comp Pharmacy High Costs – One Pic Explains It All A Workers Comp Pharmacy comparison can be shown in the picture below.    My comparison is not for a Workers Comp claim that I have presently.  Instead, a simple picture shows the source of the high costs of name-brand

IAASE Conference – Not Quite Live Posting October 7 – 9

Notes From The IAASE Conference IAASE – Insurance Auditors Association of The Southeast I was going to post the IAASE Conference from earlier this week  live.  So much helpful information was covered that I found it better to write it down and then post the presentations from the IAASE Conference later

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Issues Warning On Steerage

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Warns On Steering Hurricane Damage Repair – Big No No This morning I received a general memo from current North Carolina Insurance Commissioner  – Mike Causey.    The first thing I noticed was that it was not directly addressed to me – whew! Unlike Workers Compensation

When Are Final Claim Reserves Set – Is There Exact Date?

Final Claim Reserves Set Earlier Than Expected The final claim reserves are set much earlier than one might expect in the reserving process. Most adjusters set the final reserves at 60 days into a claim.   The exact timetable is: 14 days – initial reserve – usually made to the medical



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