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June 2015

Best Workers Comp Policy and Audit Review Tool

Best Workers Comp Policy And Audit Tool Inexpensive One of the best Workers Comp policy and audit review tools is not some type of overly expensive software or app.    The use of a highlighter and a print out of your complete Workers Comp policy will work wonders for examining your

Workers Comp Classification Codes – How Do We Verify Them?

Workers Comp Classification Codes This question on Workers Comp Classification Codes was phoned into our offices last week due to the prior post on Classification Codes.   One of the blog readers asked where to find the manual or website that contains all of the Workers Comp Class Codes. The

Meth vs Opioids in Workers Comp – Hidden Epidemic?

Meth vs Opioids in Workers Comp Meth vs Opioids in Workers Comp – the silent epidemic is occurring and we may not be looking at what should be considered an even more dangerous line of drugs than opioids. Opioids are one of the most discussed topics in any analytical setting

Classification Codes – Employee Misclassification Different

Employee Misclassification Different North Carolina Will Likely Soon Enact Employee Misclassification Bill Classification codes are not the same as what North Carolina is looking to reign in concerning unscrupulous employers. We begin to receive questions when the subject of employee misclassification hits the Workers Comp newswires. North Carolina will very likely

US Supreme Court ACA Decision To Affect Workers Comp?

US Supreme Court ACA Decision Could Affect Workers Comp The US Supreme Court ACA decision could easily affect Workers Comp.  Let us call it the old Law of Unintended Consequences. There are multiple articles on this blog concerning the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) and its possible effect on WC.

Work Comp Virtual Doctor Visits – Are You On Board?

Work Comp Virtual Doctor Visits The idea of Work Comp Virtual Doctor Visits have been met with many different reactions.   My last article on virtual doctor visits was met with either complete skepticism or acceptance. A very interesting article in WebMD on virtual physician visits caught my attention.  It was

Human Resources and Safety

Human Resources and Safety So what is the big deal about Human Resources ?   One may ask, “ you said you were going to address safety, yet you start with some Human Resources articles, why ? “   Simple, because good Human Resources is the platform for smart safety.  Think of

WALSH Jurisdiction Test – North Carolina Court Of Appeals

North Carolina Court of Appeals and the WALSH Jurisdiction Test The WALSH Jurisdiction Test for Workers Compensation has always seemed to work when multi-jurisdictions (states) are involved in a claim.  One of the most recent cases concerning the WALSH Jurisdictional test occurred in North Carolina at the appellate level. If

Large Deductible Mods Do Exist

Large Deductible Mods Large Deductible Mods do exist even if you have been told otherwise.  Your company may have been informed that once you have a large deductible policy in place, E-Mods are a thing of the past. Your company is still in the E-Mod system. This is one of



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