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February 2009

Employee Misclassification – Another Reader Question

Employee Misclassification – Shareholders and Officers Avoid Employee Misclassification in naming shareholders and officers. I received another question on the pitfalls of misclassifying employees. In California, there was a company that had been advising employers to exploit a loophole in the labor code to avoid their workers comp obligations by

Misclassification Confusion – Subcontractors vs. Classification Codes

Misclassification Confusion Of Employees and Subcontractors The misclassification confusion  applies to subcontractors not employees. We received a few emails today concerning yesterday’s post.   There are two different types of misclassification of employees.  One is a much more serious situation than the other. The first involves misclassifying an employee as a

Types of Misclassification – One Bad and One Just Needs Repairing

Types of Misclassification  = Employee Status – Not Same As Wrong Class Codes Two types of misclassification of employee status- and they are not the same whatsoever. We have received emails over the last few weeks concerning various Departments of Insurance pursuing employers for misclassifying employees in their Workers Comp

Workers Compensation Payroll Audits Accuracy – Huge Concern

Workers Compensation Payroll Audits Shows Need For Better Forecasting A huge concern for Workers Compensation payroll forecasting shows up very often when we assist employers with their premium audits. I had posted about this situation over the last few weeks. This situation is becoming a very urgent one as companies

Can Experience Modification Cap Really Work?

Experience Modification Cap – Effect on Workers Comp Costs Does the Experience Modification Cap really help reduce employers’ Workers Comp premiums? The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s board of directors recently approved a cap on premium increases aimed at preventing unforeseen spikes in workers’ comp costs. This is a case,

Insurance Company Bailouts – Question From Article Reader

Insurance Company Bailouts May Be A Common Trend Will insurance company bailouts occur this year?   I received a question a few days ago in response to my post in reference to insurance companies receiving bailouts.  There was an article a few days ago in the National Underwriter that refuted

West Virginia Employer Calls In Question on E-Mod and Premiums

West Virginia Employer Premium Question We received a call today from West Virginia employer who was inquiring about our services.  The caller was having trouble calculating their Workers Comp premium on their own and was confused on the E-Mod calculations and the premium calculations. One interesting thing the caller said

Stimulus Package and Workers Compensation – Any Effect?

The Stimulus Package – Will It Affect Workers Compensation The stimulus package from the Federal Government caused a few changes in the financial markets.  I wanted to cover the bullet points from my previous blog post.  In looking at the bullet points, some of these have been covered by me in

Will Current Federal Stimulus Package Affect Workers Compensation?

Current Federal Stimulus Package –  Readers Questions Will the current Federal stimulus package affect  WC ?  Quite a few of our blog and email blog readers have posed this question to me over the last few weeks.  The answer is as complicated as the Stimulus Package itself.  There are a

Subrogation – Mystery Workers Comp Premium Refund

Subrogation – The Silent Workers Comp Premium Refund A Workers Comp premium refund that no one talks about is subrogation.  I have posted on subrogation in the past.  I would re-post the standard definition for subrogation, but it is one of the most confusing definitions in all of Workers Compensation.

Few Housekeeping Items For Blog Now That It Is Two Years Old

A Few Housekeeping Items  and Blog Rules A few housekeeping items for the blog posts. This is a blog specifically dedicated to educating and informing the general public on Workers Compensation. You may notice that we do not have ads or links to click on to make $ from the

Workers Comp Premiums Can Be Lowered – But It Takes Time

Workers Comp Premiums Quick Fix Takes Patience Your Workers Comp premiums -Immediately lower them for your company. This is probably the question that I am asked most often at presentations, conferences, and meetings.  There is no “quick fix” for your Workers Comp premiums.  Reducing your companies premiums takes at least



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