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February 2020

Should Workers Comp Psychological Injuries Count As Claims?

The Complicated World of Workers Comp Psychological Injuries One subject that has long been the bane of claims adjusters is workers’ comp psychological injuries. Earlier this week, I included mention of a session at the upcoming WCRI Annual Conference on mental injuries resulting from an on the job injury.   Please

Workers Comp Psychological Aftereffects – WCRI Conference Next Week

Workers Comp Psychological Effects – WCRI Session Next Week Workers’ Comp psychological effects are one of the unmentionables that the industry never really considers at the time of a claim. One of the unmentionables that receives little consideration in Workers Comp is the effect that the claims process has on

Workers Comp Content – Avoiding the Recycle Button

Workers Comp Content – Are We Just Recycling The Same Subjects? Creating new and interesting Workers Comp content becomes more of a challenge with every article.   Google dislikes repetitive content.   I think it has a point.  No one wants to read the same thing over and over again. Take the

IRS Subcontractor Employee Determination Covers Three Main Points

IRS Subcontractor Employee Determination Starts With Three Common Law Decisions The IRS Subcontractor Employee determination pages were updated recently.  As promised, I wanted to provide any updates.   The updates on these webpages were more structural than substantive. Please remember the common law rules constitute a starting point on determining whether

WCRI 2020 Annual Conference Next Month – Show Me The Data + Secret

The WCRI 2020 Annual Conference – Data and Study Paradise  –  Thursday March 5th – 6th The WCRI  2020 Annual Conference (Workers Comp Research Institute) heads back to Boston this year.  Last year, the Conference was held in  Phoenix. I will be there on the front row doing my Workers’

Workers’ Comp Penalties and Fines – Paying Someone Else’s Tab?

Workers’ Comp Penalties and Fines Are Paid By Responsible Party – who is that? If you want to start a debate in a claims office just ask who pays for the Workers’ Comp penalties and fines in certain cases.  Why does a seemingly insignificant payment amount cause so much chagrin



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