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May 2016

Premium Audit Statement + What Other Document Shows Final Numbers?

Premium Audit Statement is One Piece of the Puzzle The Premium Audit Statement (PAS) or bill is one of the documents that will show the final numbers for any policy year.  What is the other document to match to the Premium Audit Statement to make sure the final numbers are

State Workers Comp Administrators – Where Is The Best List?

State Workers Comp Administrators – Best List To Use This question on state Workers Comp administrators was emailed to us last week.  One of my default lists that I keep bookmarked is the North Carolina Industrial Commission‘s list. The Industrial Commission’s website administrator Robert McDowell does a great job of

Comments Section Has Gone Rogue – Again – Now Fixed

Comments Section Has Gone Rogue Our comments section has been repaired quite a few times, only to revert back to not posting your comments and my responses to those comments.   We have a specialist working on it right now.  He is from Croatia and does a great job fixing

Work Comp Wellness Plans – Should Industry Follow Feds?

Work Comp Wellness Plans – Should Employers Receive An Incentive? Should Work Comp wellness plans mimic the recent Obama Administration action on health wellness plans? Recently, the Obama Administration had issued a rule that employees can receive up to a 30% incentive of the lowest priced healthcare policy issued by

James J Moore To Present Premium Audit Webinar May 26th

James J Moore – How to Properly Review the Work Comp Premium Audit- And Use it to Your Advantage J&L’s founder James J Moore AIC, MBA, ChFC, ARM  will present a webinar on premium audits on May 26th, 2016.  The Insurance Journal Academy  is sponsoring the event. Premium audits are

NCCI Says Workers Comp Combined Ratio 94% – Shocker

NCCI Says Workers Comp Combined Ratio 94% When NCCI says Workers Comp Combined Ratio fell 6% in one year, that was a real shocker no one could have anticipated from last year. What happened in the Workers Comp underwriting and risk arenas that would have made such a turnaround in

Work Comp Predictive Models vs Gut Feelings – The Winner Is(?)

Work Comp Predictive Models There are so many articles on Work Comp predictive models out in the blogosphere.   Many taut their ability to see into the future.   I am not a big fan of predictive models as I have yet to see and am still waiting on one



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