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September 2011

On Premium Audits, Subcontractors Can Cost $$ Without Proper Planning

Subcontractors Need to Supply Certificates Of Insurance I have posted on this subject very often. Subcontractors and Workers Compensation insurance are the most visited parts of this blog. Feel free to use the search box on the right and search for subcontractors to see all of the articles. This is

Quick Workers Comp Reserving Analysis – Total Incurred Is Key

Workers Comp Reserving Is A Guesstimate The Workers Comp reserving on your files usually is based on no formulas.  This article is from another manual that I wrote many years ago. It is timeless information that is true for all states. Claim reserves are sometimes the ignored part of a

Traditional Workers Comp Insurance Policies – There Are Other Choices

Alternatives To Traditional Workers Comp Insurance Policies Many alternatives to the traditional Workers Comp programs are available in today’s insurance marketplace. The trend is when the traditional WC insurance marketplace becomes expensive and employers search much more intensely for alternatives to the regular WC insurance programs. Most carriers do have

Temporary Employee Can Wind Up Being Your Employee

The Temporary Employee Files A Claim Against Your Company A Temporary Employee can end up in the Ladder of Insurance(c). This is another excerpt from a Workers Comp manual I wrote 10 years ago. Over the past twenty years, temporary employment agencies almost wrecked the WC insurance system. Unscrupulous owners

Workers Compensation Claims Adjuster Job Duties

Workers Compensation Claims Adjuster Has 13+ Job Duties The Workers Compensation Claims Adjuster – this is an excerpt from a manual I wrote 10 years ago. The only area I would add is the MSA component. One of the most thankless jobs in insurance is the claims adjuster position. This

8742 Class Code And Your Company – Often Misunderstood

8742 Class Code Salespeople Messengers and Outside Collectors One of the most misunderstood  is 8742 Class Code also known as the Salespeople, Messengers, and Outside Collectors Class Code.  8742 along with Class Code 8810 are the most popular Standard Exception Codes. Please click on the link for more on Standard Exception

Medicare Set Aside Enforcement Caused Claim Counts To Spiral

Medicare Set Aside Enforcement Caused a Backlog? Did the Medicare Set Aside Enforcement by CMS cause claims count to spiral?   The Medicare Set Asides (MSA’s) for Workers Comp article that I posted on last week is here. I wanted to continue that article. After a few intense calculations, I

Premium Audit For Large Deductible Programs

Large Deductible Programs I had been asked this question three times over the last two weeks. “We have a large deductible programs for our Workers Comp.” Can those policies be audited for overcharges?” The three main questions that I asked were: Did your company pay some type of premium to your



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