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March 2010

WALSH Test – Five Tests For Workers Comp Jurisdiction

Five Tests For Workers Comp Jurisdiction – WALSH Test The WALSH Test almost never fails to choose the correct state jurisdiction for a claim.  As I posted last time, Mr. Walsh is going to help us out with Workers Comp jurisdiction. See my last post for the original question. I

Workers Comp Subcontractors Jurisdiction Question

Workers Comp Subcontractors Jurisdiction The Jurisdiction of Workers Comp subcontractors WC coverage. A question asked by a peer always draws my attention.  I received this question from one of my peers in the Workers Comp world. A client of ours uses subcontractors as a part of their construction contracts. The

Workers Comp Major Changes – Six Signals Show Upcoming Changes

Workers Comp Major Changes We now have six signals for Workers Comp major changes. The Death of Workers Comp was our most popular blog post since I started it. I have heard from many readers that say “no way.” Below is a list of things to make one think further

Pinnacol – Different View – Colorado Agent Disagreed

Different View of Colorado’s Pinnacol  I decided to publish a different view of Pinnacol.  One of my blog readers that is an agent in Colorado disagreed with what I had said about Pinnacol in one of my recent posts. The verbatim quote is in the next few paragraphs. I may

Death of Workers Comp – Have We Seen Beginning?

The Death of Workers Comp – Cometh? Have we seen the beginning of the Death of Workers Comp?I have posted many times on the term that I coined – The Federalization of Workers Compensation. The recent House vote on healthcare could be the first step to 24-hour health coverage. Traditional

Pinnacol Wants To Become Mutual Company In Near Future

Mutual Company  – Pinnacol Wants To Be One Pinnacol becoming a mutual company generates a litany of tax questions.  One of my devout blog readers has asked why would Pinnacol offer so much $ for its autonomy. I did leave that part out of my last few posts Pinnacol. Pinnacol

Colorado – Pinnacol Is Willing To Pay How Much For What?

Colorado – Pinnacol Is Willing To Pay Recently, I posted an article on Colorado’s Workers Comp carrier Pinnacol offering a staggering figure ($200 million) for autonomy. I had thought that Colorado would take the $ as the Colorado Legislature’s raiding of the company’s surplus to the tune of $500 million

Statutory Employees vs. Subcontractors – IRS Has Best Basic Definitions

Statutory Employees vs. Subcontractors – IRS Has Best Advice I have received a large number of emails since the last time that I posted on Statutory Employees. I first posted on statutory employees after a South Carolina Supreme Court decision separated the employment status of statutory employees and subcontractors. There seems

Five Fixes For Workers Comp In Oklahoma – CompSource Aftermath

Workers Comp In Oklahoma – Five Fixes I wrote five fixes for Workers Comp in Oklahoma to help small businesses.  My last post covered Oklahoma’s CompSource. I am under the impression that CompSource will be sold in the future. What could Oklahoma do to help small businesses when there is

Oklahoma’s CompSource Will Not Be Privatized (Yet)

Oklahoma’s CompSource Privatization Oklahoma’s Compsource has been the subject of the privatization debate.  The Oklahoma House of Representatives did not make a final vote on privatizing that state’s largest Workers Comp carrier. I have been a big proponent of privatizing Workers Compensation after seeing successes in Nevada and West Virginia.

15th Year In Business – Start Up Seems Like Yesterday

15th Year In Business – Started At The Kitchen Table We have just celebrated our 15th year in business. I started the Workers Comp consulting business in early 1995 – mainly helping spinning mills in North Carolina straighten out their Workers Compensation claims. The spinning mills in North Carolina are

8810 and 8742 Classification Code Correction From Earlier Post

Classification Code Correction 8810 and 8742 We have a Classification Code Correction for 8810 and 8742 – the Standard Exception Codes.  I had posted previously in this post concerning the All Employees designation under certain class codes. I knew the rule, but I was in a hurry to get the

I Am Going To Agree With Insurance Companies On This Matter

I Am Going To Agree With Insurance Companies Rarely do I completely agree with casualty insurance companies on a broad subject. This is one time that I have to make an exception. I do agree that insurance carriers do not pose a systemic risk to the US financial systems. Systemic

Lookback Period California Workers Comp System Is Shorting Employers

Shorting Employers – California Workers Comp System Lookback Period According to the California Workers Comp System rules,  the employers are being shorted.  We have been very fortunate to have a large amount of our premium and reserve review services in California. I feel the employers in the state are not necessarily

Workers Comp Claims Processing Manual Needs ASAP Theme

ASAP-Workers Comp Claims Processing Manual The Workers Comp claims processing manual – ASAP must be built into it from the first sentence . We often have to examine a carrier or TPA’s claims adjusting manuals while performing our file performance audits for employers. One area that can help to control



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