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June 2009

Obama Administration Final Countdown For State Run Workers Comp?

Obama Administration Looking To Federalize Workers Comp? The Obama Administration may begin Workers Comp federal program.  In the past few months, I have performed a large number of phone consultations on Workers Compensation claims and premiums. One of the most common questions that I receive is what would be the

Workers Comp Program Caution – Easy Under Radar Way To Harm It

Workers Comp Program Can Be Harmed In Different Ways How can you harm your Workers Comp program? Most employers have concerns that decisions about what to pay and when to pay can actually harm their business. When Workers Compensation insurance policies are examined for employers, there is one area where

Copyright Concerns and Website Scraping From Our Website

Copyright Concerns On The J&L Blog Posts I have few concerns about copyright on our web or blog posts.   I have been contacted by quite a few insurance agents, consultants, websites, etc. about using this blog and the newsletter at will to beef up their website or open access

Five Secrets To Cutting Your Workers Compensation Costs

Five Secrets To Saving On Work Comp Costs The five secrets to save on Work Comp Costs are actually based in common sense. I have in a roundabout way over the last few weeks covered a few of the secrets (that are not so secret) to cutting your company’s Workers

Communication With Your Company’s Workers Comp Medical Providers

Communication With Workers Comp Medical Providers Save Premiums Workers Comp medical providers are one of the very critical areas in your Workers Compensation program. Communication with the medical providers in your network is one of the most effective ways to control your Workers Comp costs. The most important medical providers

Workers Compensation Program – Medical Network Critical To Not Harm

Workers Compensation Program Medical Networks Critical Does your company have a solid Workers Compensation program?   This would apply to all employers regardless of size, type of insurance program, or state. California has shown that MPN’s (Medical Provider Networks) are a way to reduce premiums very quickly. Designing your own provider

Long Term Outlook for Workers Compensation Mix of Statistics

Workers Comp Long Term Outlook – Good + Bad The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) had an optimistic outlook on the Workers Compensation market. However, the NCCI had recently adjusted its long term outlook for workers’ comp to cautionary. This may be the warning of a hard market. These

Employer Can Do One Thing To Quickly Wreck Workers Compensation

Employer Can Do This To Quickly Wreck Their Workers Compensation Program There is one thing that an employer can do to wreck their Workers Comp program. It is a mistake that can be remedied very quickly. The mistake is not reporting claims timely. With so many of the states requiring

AMA – Startling Workers Comp Return To Work Statistic

AMA Early Return To Work Saves Workers Comp Funds I was attending a lunch conference on Workers Compensation Return to Work earlier this week. The presenter provided this statistic from the AMA  (American Medical Association). The stat was based on the longer an injured employee is out of work, the

WC Loss Run Claim Reserve Analysis – Steps to Cut Comp Costs

Loss Run Claim Reserve Analysis A loss run claim reserve analysis is one of the most important steps in reducing your workers compensation budget.   Are the Workers Compensation reserves correct on the file you are examining? I have posted on this subject previously.  As it is a very popular question



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