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June 2008

North Dakota – Workers Compensation Mutual Insurance Company?

Is North Dakota Headed Towards A Commercial Insurance Market? North Dakota may soon turn into a mutual Workers Comp Insurance company such as Nevada did with Employers Holdings Inc., and West Virginia did with Brickstreet. Both of those companies are having somewhat of a success in being a private insurance carrier,

Top 10 Workers Comp Questions Received From Employers Agents

Top 10 Workers Comp Questions We Are Asked Most Often The top 10 workers comp questions received by us since we opened for business in 1996 cover many topics.    1. I just had a payroll audit on my Workers Comp. My insurance carrier sent me a huge bill. Do

Your E-Mod Is 10 Times More Difficult to Correct Than Your Credit Score

Correction To Your E-Mod Can Be Difficult and Delayed Your E-Mod can be corrected.  The deck is stacked against you when you want to correct your company’s Workers Compensation Experience Mod. The reasons: You can correct what has happened with your credit experience far into the past. You cannot, and

You Have Another Business Credit Score That Needs Your Attention II

Business Credit Score Part II What is  The Secret Business Credit Score? It is your Experience Modification Factor (E-Mod, Mod, X-Mod, etc). During all of my Workers Comp presentations, I point this out. If it is a longer presentation, I usually go through how E-Mods are calculated. If you think about

Misclassifying Employees Not Same As Work Comp Classification Codes

Crackdown on Misclassifying Employees We have received a few emails asking whether or not our services will be affected by the new laws in PA, NH, and other states. We do not try misclassifying employees purposely to save an employer on Workers Comp premiums. We feel that employers should pay

Safety Council Conference Presentation For Mid State

North Carolina Mid State Safety Council I presented yesterday at the North Carolina Mid State Safety Council’s conference on Ways to Cut Workers Compensation Costs. When I brought up the subject of how $25,000 = $100,000, I received a few questions after the conference. I thought it would be good

Subcontractors Section From Manual I Authored Eight Years Ago

Subcontractors Section From Manual I Wrote The subcontractors section was covered in a manual I wrote a few years ago. The section was titled, Subcontractors. The last part of today’s blog has a few tips on how to protect your company when working with subs. One of the facets of

Independent Contractor and Employee – IRS Definitions

Independent Contractor And Employee IRS Guide As so many states are cracking down on how employees are classified under Workers Compensation, I thought the best way to help would be to use the IRS’s definitions and interpretations of the differences between an independent contractor and an employee. Independent Contractor (Self-Employed)

Misclassified Employees – Crackdown on Independent Contractors

Independent Contractors – Are They Misclassified Employees The misclassified employees of an independent contractor can be fixed if necessary. Who is an independent contractor under the Workers Comp rules? Several states including California, New Jersey, New York, and quite a few other states have begun a heavy investigation into whether

Article By George Hohmann on Brickstreet Future Outlook

New Brickstreet Strategies By George Hohmann This article is by George Hohmann. Check back tomorrow for my opinion on how a Workers Compensation insurance carrier cannot and should not try to insure out of state workers when they are domiciled in a single state. BrickStreet looks forward to flexibility by George

Workers Comp Policy Rules For Changing Classification Codes

Your Workers Comp Policy Rules For Changing Classification Codes  Your Workers Comp policy rules have an interesting yet unknown rule in them.   All states have this rule in one form or another.  The main rule here is the 120 day rule.  The rule is applicable in almost all states

Loss Control By Workers Comp Insurance Carriers

Insurance Carrier Loss Control – Another Premium Audit? Loss Control efforts by insurance carriers sound like such a good idea. We have had two clients recently (one in California and one in Kansas) where the insurance carrier sent out what was really another auditor that was called loss control. According



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