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July 2014

Ingress Egress Rules – North Carolina example – Confusing

 Ingress Egress Rules The Ingress Egress rules are confusing and controversial in North Carolina. Ingress-Egress is one of the most confounding sets of rules that employers, injured employees, adjusters, and WC courts face very often.  Ingress- Egress is sometimes also referred to as the “going and coming” rules. The definition

Discounted Experience Mod – West Virginia Blog Readers Question

Discounted Experience Mod Likely A Rating Bureau Adjustment We received this email over the weekend concerning a discounted experience mod. The West Virginia company found the CutCompCosts blog on Google. Our agent informed us that our E-Mod (Experience Modification Factor) for next year was going to be 1.29. When we received

Ohio’s BWC Provides 83.5 Moon Roundtrips Overcharging

Ohio’s BWC Provides 83.5 Moon Roundtrips Unsurprisingly, Ohio’s BWC (Bureau of Workers Compensation), a monopolistic state fund,  had  a very scorching court decision rendered against it a few months ago.  Rather than keep appealing the Appeals Court decision, the BWC decided to settle with certain policyholders. If you have not

First Aid Kit For Workers Comp Premium Savings – Seven Items

Workers Compensation Premium First Aid Kit A good Workers Compensation premium first aid kit contains seven main items. One of the most popular questions we receive at presentations, emails, and social media is “How do we fix our Workers Comp situation  now?”   As mentioned often in this blog,  WC

Top Four Workers Compensation Definitions – Back To Basics

Workers Compensation Definitions There are many Workers Compensation definitions on the internet. I was recently interviewed by a college student on Workers Compensation for his term paper.   He had asked if he could reference articles in the blog, which of course I allowed him copyright permission.    One question that

Converting to Self Insurance – Five Important Considerations & Alternatives

Converting to Self Insurance – New Tasks To Accomplish Converting to self insurance is a very popular option for many companies. We receive many inquiries every year from employers that wish to cover to self insurance for their Workers Compensation coverage. The inquiries to our offices reached a fever pitch

Small Deductible Policies Worth It? – NCCI – Varies by State

Small Deductible Policies Using small deductible policies can be a great cost-saving technique in some states. One of the long standing assumptions I had made was that small deductible policies really did not make that much of a difference to the cost of a Workers Comp policy.  Small deductible policies

NCCI Updates Website User Friendly – Hidden Enhancements

NCCI Updates Website The NCCI updates website with many improvements.  Actually, the NCCI has updated their website often in 2014.  The much-appreciated upgrades were long overdue. Some of the upgrades were: RiskWorkstation  Manuals Library Policy Data Reporting Data Manager Dashboard All of the updates or enhancements come with a webinar

Independent Medical Exam (IME) Dozen Mistakes To Avoid

Independent Medical Exam (IME) Mistakes – Dozen Blunders An independent medical exam can make or break a WC file. Yesterday, I wrote a list of the Top 10 Ways that IME’s can harm a WC file.  The first five from the article are covered more in-depth today.      These

Independent Medical Exam (IME)- 10 Ways To Harm File

Independent Medical Exam (IME) Can Easily Blow Up A File An Independent Medical Exam is one of two-edged swords in WC Risk Management.  One of the most controversial and fund-leaking Risk Management techniques for Workers Compensation is the Independent Medical Exam (IME). This list is not just for adjusters.  Anyone that

Top 10 Industry Gender Pay Gaps – Double Shocker 2 Insurance Related

Top 10 Industry Gender Pay Gaps – Two Insurance Related (?) Any gender pay gaps should be a concern to that industry. Another holiday is upon us. I had already written two articles this week. I decided to Google what other subjects to write about just before a holiday. One of

Insurance Industry Employment Numbers – Better Than Last Year

Insurance Industry Employment Numbers Still Not Great Figures In late 2012, Workers Compensation insurance industry employment was stable. The numbers for Workers Comp actually were mixed in with property and casualty. A few insurance industry employment areas have actually reduced greatly over time.  Some of the reduction was due to the

Shocking Insurance Industry Numbers – 25% Gone By 2018 – Brain Drain?

Insurance Industry Numbers Show 25% Drop In Employment The following are insurance industry numbers that should be very concerning to the insurance world. A very short but chilling article pointed out a few numbers of the upcoming insurance company personnel crisis.  By 2018, 25% of all insurance company personnel will



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