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May 2012

California Rate Increases Not Due To Current Conditions

California Rate Increases Not Due California’s Workers Comp conundrum was not due to the current medical price increases. The California rate increases were due to not incrementally increasing the rates as medical and other expenses had risen over time. The pundits on California’s Workers Compensation current environment have indicated a

California – Medical Utilization In Workers Comp Rears Its Ugly Head

Medical Utilization In Workers Comp – California California Medical Utilization  for Workers Comp hit the radar screen this week.   I often post concerning the Workers Compensation situation in California. I do this to specifically point out what the future will look like for your company’s jurisdictions. California seems to be

Your Premium Bill And Advisory Loss Costs May Not Look The Same

Advisory Loss Costs And Premium Bill Confusion Our company was able to access the advisory loss costs figures for California. Why is the final premium bill so different than these rates? I received this question last week. The advisory loss costs are published for each state by your state’s rating

I Take It All Back on NC Industrial Commission

NC Industrial Commission Gives Extensions To Deadbeat Employers The NC Industrial Commission caused me to take back my kudos.   We have been in the business of cutting Workers Comp costs for employers and governmental organizations since 1996. However, we have not and will not aid any employers in illegal

North Carolina Industrial Commission Prosecutes 70 Employers

North Carolina Industrial Commission Prosecutes 70 Employers The NC Industrial Commission starts with prosecuting just 70 employers out of thousands.   Governor Bev Perdue had issued an edict that all 30,000 North Carolina employers uninsured for Workers Compensation should be investigated immediately. The Industrial Commission’s response was to start prosecuting

Workers Comp Dates Upcoming Important Ones For Your Calendar

Very Important Workers Comp Dates One of the most important Workers Comp dates is upcoming. Timing is everything with reducing your Workers Comp claims and premiums. There are a few upcoming dates that are very important for Workers Comp polices in the regular market. If your company has a January

How Obamacare Could Ruin Your Workers Comp Program

Your Workers Comp Program Can Be Ruined Very Easily Does your Workers Comp program seem to be in ruins?  Obamacare could ruin your program if you are not careful. One of the most obvious trends in the Workers Comp environment is that health insurance is trumping the attention paid to

What Ever Happened to Workmans or Workmens Comp?

Workmans or Workmens Comp Workers Comp used to be termed Workmans or Workmens Comp in the old days – right? Actually, that is an inaccurate statement. According to the Google Adwords Keyword tool, Workmens Comp was searched for 90,500 times last month worldwide. I think Workmans Comp is not such

Preparing For Workers Comp Audits – Seven Suggestions

Seven Suggestions – Preparing For Workers Comp Audit I wrote seven suggestions on preparing for Workers Comp Audits. I have read many guides, manuals, and blogs on how to prepare for a Workers Compensation premium audit. Some of the suggestions were borderline, if not completely illegal. As this story on

Self Insurers Can Ruin Their Programs – 12 Hidden Ways

Self Insurers Can Ruin Their Programs Without Realizing It The first 12 ways self insurers ruin their Workers Comp programs are below.  Workers Compensation self insurance can be more complicated than paying for a regular policy. I have received many emails asking me to comment on how self insureds can

E-Mod Changes for 2015 – NCCI Changes The Formula

2015 E-Mod Changes Makes Safety So Important In 2015 more E-Mod Changes were produced by the NCCI. A few weeks ago, I discussed the upcoming changes to the E-Mod calculation and gave an example. I then blogged on what will happen to the E-Mod calculation in 2014. Believe it or

Hiring an Insurance Consultant Or Any Advisor – 23 Keys

23 keys – Hiring an Insurance Consultant The 23 keys for Hiring an Insurance Consultant are great common sense tools. . I had written a similar article here on hiring insurance consultants. The consultants I am referring to are non-agent consultants. This excludes any type of consultant that may be selling

Oklahoma Does Not Want To Be Texas After All

Oklahoma And Texas Opt-Out Oklahoma appeared on the Workers Compensation radar screen over the last few weeks. Texas has the opt-out or non-subscriber choice in Workers Comp. I had consulted with a few Texas clients that were using the opt-out services. I had previously written an article on the Oklahoma



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