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An agent secures policies for companies from the general marketplace. Almost all agents sell more than just monoline workers compensation policies. Agents can be direct writers (working for a carrier) or independent.

Most agencies sell workers’ compensation as part of a package that included coverage for fire and windstorm, premises liability,  and other types of business owner policies.

Most agents make 6 – 10% of a policy as an agent fee.  Some agencies, especially direct writers consider workers’ comp as a profitable line of policies to write over the last four years as the combined ratio is 83% in 2019.

Agencies remain one of J&L’s most active customer base.  When we first began our consulting business, agencies accounted for over 70% of our market.   For that, we are forever thankful.

Agents must be considered as the engine of the insurance policy procurement process.  Without them, the workers’ compensation infrastructure would crash.

Some new online agencies such as Pie Insurance use computer algorithms and data analytics to underwrite and place policies.

We simulated signing up with a few of the online agencies.  One promised that you can sign up in less than 3 minutes.  The website used outside information to make the underwriting decisions.

Please remember that J&L consults on workers’ compensation policies, loss run, E-Mods premium audits, and serves a expert witnesses in court cases.

We do not sell any line of insurance so that we can provide unbiased opinions on workers’ comp.  No one on our staff is an agent.

Agent of Record

Term Of The Day – Agent of Record An Agent of Record (AOR) is an individual/legal entity having a properly executed contract with an insurance

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