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Are Workers Comp Insurance Agents Not Yoda Any Longer?

Workers Comp Insurance Agents vs The Interweb of Things  Workers Comp Insurance Agents are not the subject of  almost any of my 1,700 articles.  The insurance industry grinds to a halt very quickly without agents or brokers.  Agents operate like a car engine.   One of the first things I

Top 10 Industry Gender Pay Gaps – Double Shocker 2 Insurance Related

Top 10 Industry Gender Pay Gaps – Two Insurance Related (?) Any gender pay gaps should be a concern to that industry. Another holiday is upon us. I had already written two articles this week. I decided to Google what other subjects to write about just before a holiday. One of

Will Wal-Mart Ever Sell Workers Compensation Insurance?

Does Wal-Mart Sell Workers Compensation Insurance – Not Yet Will  Wal-Mart Sell Workers Compensation coverage now that they are selling car insurance? One of the major subjects in the insurance buzz-wires over the last week was that Wal-Mart is now selling car insurance.  Actually, they are brokering other insurance companies

Federalization of Workers Comp – Possible Game Changer

Federalization of Workers Comp Marches On The National Association of Registered Agents and Brokers Act of 2013 has just been again backed  by the US House of Representatives.  There are many articles and this blog first had coined the phrase – federalization of Workers Comp which has been picked up

Workers Comp Insurance Agents Are Overloaded In December

Workers Comp Insurance Agents Overloaded In December If you are renewing your Workers Comp policy from now until January 10th, do not be surprised if your insurance agent is not available.  Insurance agents are very overloaded as the highest percentage of Workers Comp policies renew on January 1st. Trying to get

What Is Agents Errors And Omissions Insurance – Is it Necessary?

Agents Errors And Omissions Insurance Is A Necessary Coverage The agents errors and omissions insurance is very necessary in today’s marketplace.  Errors and Omissions Insurance is professional liability insurance that protects professional insurance agents from claims arising from the sale and servicing of insurance products. Agents’ E&O is a very

Agent of Record

Term Of The Day – Agent of Record An Agent of Record (AOR) is an individual/legal entity having a properly executed contract with an insurance policy owner. The Agent of Record has a legal right to receiving commissions from the policy. An AOR is authorized to represent an insured party

Broker Definition – Not Same As Agent

Term Of The Day – Broker A Broker and an Agent are not the same thing. An agent is an insurance company’s representative by way of agent-principal legal custom. The agent’s primary alliance is with the insurance carrier, not the insurance buyer.  A broker has no allegiance to any insurance

Workers Comp Agent Asks Two Questions About J&L Review Services

Two Popular Workers Comp Agent Questions A Workers Comp Agent recently asked me these two questions yesterday.   The questions were a great reminder to write an article on this very subject. Almost every  Workers Comp agent asks us the same two questions each time they wish to possibly use



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