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North Carolina

The State of North Carolina (NC) is J&L’s HQ state.  We decided to not include the Tarheel State as a subcategory to states because we had written numerous articles on some of the varied subjects during the last year. The articles included how 35,000 employers had no Workers’ Compensation insurance when cross-compared to unemployment and state tax databases by a Charlotte Observer reporter in 2010.

NC made an attempt at reforming its WC system to make sure that all employers had insurance.  No recent studies have shown any positive results from the reform measures started in 2010.  The NC Industrial Commission does have a Special Deputy Commissioner that handles companies that do not have a current insurance policy – especially if the company had an injured employee file for benefits.

Many of the claims concepts that I learned over the years came from my experience as an adjuster in NC.  J&L has been headquartered in Raleigh since 2001.  The company was started in 1996 in Hillsborough, NC as a home-based business before moving to Raleigh.

NC had lower than the median state’s claims costs through the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.  The 2010s began with NC having a very large increase in claim costs.

NCCI converted from an NCCI rated state back to being a completely independent bureau state in 2015.  Many states have converted from independent Workers’ Comp rating systems to NCCI such as Texas and West Virginia.

Converting from an NCCI state back to an independent rate bureau (NCRB) is highly unusual.



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