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Insurance Related Designations

AIC Designation Changes – One Major Modification To Study Guides

AIC Designation Changes – ARM Also Affected – Important One of the most detrimental AIC designation changes was pointed out to me over the last two weeks.  I received numerous calls and emails that the Jack Keir for Success program had dropped any insurance designations. The AIC (Associate in Claims)

AIC Associate in Claims Designation Article Most Popular of 2020

Associate In Claims (AIC) Designation Popularity Positive Sign The Associate in Claims (AIC) articles that I wrote over the year were the most popular article search on the J&L website for 2020.  Usually, I check later in late December to see which articles were the most read for each year.

ARM Designation – Claims Staff Make Your CV Resume’ Shine

Venerable ARM Designation – Beyond the AIC For Claims Staff The ARM Designation may be a good fit and advance your claims career at light speed. One of the questions I often receive from  Workers Comp claim staff is – What can I or we do to advance our claims

Associate in Risk Management Designation (ARM) – Worth It?

Work Comp Adjuster Question on Associate in Risk Management Is the Associate in Risk Management designation worth the effort?   I have my Associate in Claims (AIC) designation.  Is the ARM the next step in career advancement?   The above question came in from a California adjuster after the two articles

AIC Designation – Top 10 Secret Ways – Attain It Faster

Associate in Claims AIC Designation Obtain It Faster Bonus included below The AIC designation is one of those painful yet rewarding parts of advancing your claims career.   Most of the articles in this website are for Worker Comp adjusters.    Check out the article from yesterday on why the

Associate In Claims (AIC) – Never Looked Better For Work Comp Adjusters

Associate In Claims (AIC) Designation Recommended For Work Comp Adjusters The Associate in Claims Designation (AIC) is highly recommended for quite a few old and new reasons.  One of the areas to consider is advances in technology. Technological Advancement The level of technology in claims adjusting will likely advance very

Six Ways To Excel In Comp Arena Without A College Degree

Six Ways To Excel In the Comp Arena With No College Degree The Comp arena has more than six ways to excel without a college degree.   Below is a list of the Top Six, in my humble opinion. Is there a way to excel in the WC industry without a

How Do I Obtain Associate in Reinsurance (ARe)?

Term Of The Day – Associate in Reinsurance (ARe) The Associate in Reinsurance designation generates little discussion in the Workers Comp world.  Without reinsurance some self insured employers would find themselves in deep trouble.   One of the most misunderstood areas of insurance is reinsurance. More than one Workers Compensation insurance

What Does Designation APA (Associate In Premium Auditing) Mean?

Term Of The Day – Associate In Premium Auditing APA or Associate in Premium Auditing is a professional designation awarded by the Insurance Institute of America (IIA). The goal is to Increase the premium auditor’s knowledge of auditing procedures. From the IIA Brochure – You will increase your overall insurance knowledge

How Long To Get Associate In Claims (AIC) Designation?

Term Of The Day – Associate In Claims The Associate In Claims designation (that I possess) is sponsored by the Insurance Institute of America (IIA). The AIC aids in overall claims handling proficiency. I do recommended it if you have chosen insurance claims as a career path.  A professional designation

How Many Courses For Associate in Risk Management (ARM?)

Associate in Risk Management Designation Courses = 3 The Three Associate in Risk Management courses is listed below. This is a professional designation that I possess. It is awarded by the Insurance Institute of America (IIA). There are three somewhat difficult tests that need to be passed to complete the

My Insurance Designations Listed and What They Mean

My Insurance Designations – What Are They? Insurance designations can be very helpful in building a thorough knowledge of the insurance process. One of the questions that I often receive at Workers Comp presentations is, “what are the initials at the end of my name, and what do they mean?”

Insurance Designations – Complete List with Updates

List Of Insurance Designations Gives Many Alternatives I sometimes hear comments that there are no insurance designations for a certain area of insurance that would help someone with job advancement. The following list of t insurance designations should remove any doubts as to that fact. In my next post, I



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