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Does Affordable Care Act Repeal and Replace Mention Workers Comp?

The Affordable Care Act Repeal and Replace – Any Mention of Workers Comp? The Affordable Care Act Repeal and Replace is now working its way through Congress, Senate, and President.  Last week’s WCRI meeting showed the Work Comp community’s concern over any Federalization of Workers Compensation (c). Former Senator Tom

ACA Repeal Could Lead To More Workers Comp Case Shifting

Will ACA Repeal (Affordable Care Act) Cause Case Shifting to WC? The drumbeat for ACA repeal  has grown much louder with the new administration just around the corner.   This article on the new demands to keep Obamacare alive was an interesting angle from the health insurance sector. Please read

NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis – With Political Twist

NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis Interesting Conclusion The recent NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis synthesized a very interesting conclusion.   The National Council on Compensation Insurance is based in Boca Raton, FL.  At first glance, along with this article, the NCCI estimated that removal of the Affordable Care Act would likely

NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis – Interesting Study

Venerable NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis The  NCCI Affordable Care Act  (ACA) study was taken from their  Workers Comp Update 2016 Fall Edition (page 54 of PDF).  Please note that this is a large file.   If you are working in the Work Comp industry, it may be worth your

US Supreme Court ACA Decision To Affect Workers Comp?

US Supreme Court ACA Decision Could Affect Workers Comp The US Supreme Court ACA decision could easily affect Workers Comp.  Let us call it the old Law of Unintended Consequences. There are multiple articles on this blog concerning the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) and its possible effect on WC.

Top 10 Challenge Areas – Expanded Part I

Top 10 Challenge Areas – The First Five The article on the Top 10 Challenges for Workers Compensation received a large amount of inter-buzz. Two readers suggested an expansion (better explanation) of my list.   I will split the Top 10 into two articles. The first five of  My Top

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Effects on WC – LIVE WCRI

Affordable Care Act – Effect on Workers Comp- LIVE The Effect of Th Affordable Care Act(Obamacare) on WC could be significant. Dr. Richard Victor-  (Will update during presentation until finished) – not edited until final version The effects of ACA on WC are: (could be): Increased demand for medical care Shortage of

WCRI (Workers Comp Research Conference) – Reporting Live

WCRI (Workers Comp Research Conference) Workers Comp Research Conference reporting live. First Session is ACA (American Healthcare Act) effects on Workers Comp.  Dr. Jon Gruber–  Wow this conference is packed.   Kudos to WCRI.   Everyone from WCRI was very helpful and hooked me up to the hotel wireless system

Pay ACA Penalty File Workers Comp Claim For Medical Treatment

ACA Penalty May Not Deter Workers Comp Claims What if a worker decided to pay the ACA penalty and file a WC claims for medical treatment?  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) may cause an unintended spike in Workers Compensation claims. One of the concerns over the years in claims departments

Federal Government Shutdown’s Effect on Workers Compensation

Federal Government Shutdown May Have Little Effect Does the Federal Government shutdown have any effect on WC?   The governmental shutdown was highlighted in a recent article in The Insurance Journal.  I do agree with the author that the shutdown pertains to the federal level and Workers Comp, for the

Law Of Large Numbers – How It Ruins Small WC Funds

Law Of Large Numbers Catches Up To All Small Insurance Funds The recent Affordable Care Act (ACA) going live is a reminder of how risk needs to be spread over a large numbers of participants to be viable. The Law of Large Numbers is one of the concerns that the

Federalization of Workers Comp – Possible Game Changer

Federalization of Workers Comp Marches On The National Association of Registered Agents and Brokers Act of 2013 has just been again backed  by the US House of Representatives.  There are many articles and this blog first had coined the phrase – federalization of Workers Comp which has been picked up

PPO or MPN Network Where Paying More Is Goal

PPO or MPN Network vs Supply and Demand A PPO or MPN network where paying more remains the goal? This article is related to yesterday’s post on Obamacare and medical treatment rationing. A phone call from one of our long-term readers basically said that I was crazy to think that

Could Obamacare Cause Workers Comp Medical Treatment Rationing?

Medical Treatment Rationing Possibility Would Obamacare cause Workers Comp medical treatment rationing?  Over the past few years, I had commented very often on the interfacing of Obamacare with Workers Compensation. The number one effect that seems to go unmentioned is the fact that medical care may (keyword may) be rationed

Affordable Care Act Mentions Workers Comp How Many Times?

Affordable Care Act Mentions Workers Comp __ Times? I am one of the people that actually read the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) just after it was passed by the House.  The main reason was to see if Workers Comp was affected or mentioned directly in the Act. The searchable PDF

Five Ways ObamaCare and Workers Comp Are Similar

Five Ways ObamaCare Could be ObamaComp(c) The five ways Obamacare and Workers Comp are similar may come as a shocker.  The Wall street Journal very recently published an article on how the Affordable Care Act will affect health insurance premiums.   There seemed to be a few items in the Act that sounded

Obama or Romney – Vote For Workers Compensation?

Workers Compensation Vote – Obama or Romney Workers Compensation – would a vote for Obama or Romney be a vote for our industry? Well, we are finally here.   I will miss the droning on off all the commercials.  I live a battleground state so they airwaves and internet were flooded

Obamacare And Its Effect On Workers Compensation

Obamacare And Its Effect On WC The Obamacare And Its Effect on WC. Obamacare has hit the airwaves very heavily due to the SCOTUS’s decision last week. Can Obamacare’s influence even reach into the Workers Comp world? I stepped into the fray in 2009 by coining the term from the

How Obamacare Could Ruin Your Workers Comp Program

Your Workers Comp Program Can Be Ruined Very Easily Does your Workers Comp program seem to be in ruins?  Obamacare could ruin your program if you are not careful. One of the most obvious trends in the Workers Comp environment is that health insurance is trumping the attention paid to



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