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Workers Comp Field Case Managers Still Great Risk Management

Why I Recommend Workers Comp Field Case Managers On Lost Time Files Workers Comp field case managers, also known as rehab nurses, can still be a great risk management method for lost time files.    Why do I devoutly recommend the field case managers on files?  Let us look at

Workers Comp Claim File Reviews – Trends Not Individual Files

Workers Comp Claim File Reviews – Avoid Looking At The Trees Workers Comp Claim File Reviews – Trends (Forest) Are Key Most Workers Comp claim file reviews tend to lean towards reviewing only one or two large files.  That method remains a good way to analyze only those specific files.

Medical Only Claims Analysis – Little Claims That Wreck Budgets

Workers Comp Medical Only Claims Analysis – Little Claims Can Explode I have written about performing a  medical only claims analysis quite often in the past.  Now that I am reviewing more loss runs, I still see a pattern that may make you rethink your worker’s comp loss run reviews. 

Why Do Loss Run Numbers Never Match Experience Mod Sheets?

Recent Reader Question  – Loss Run Numbers and Experience Mod Sheets Confusion One of the most frequent questions that we have received over the years is why the workers’ comp loss run numbers never match the info on the Experience Mod Sheets.   Let us look at three reasons why this

Fee Schedule Study By WCRI – No Surprises Found on Savings

Recent Fee Schedule Study – Shows The Same Result As Always – Important A recent fee schedule study was published recently by WCRI (Workers Comp Research Institute).   The recent fee schedule study came to the same conclusions as many previous studies by WCRI and other organizations.   Free Fee Schedule

Workers Comp Embedded Insurance For Small Business Can Backfire

Workers Comp Embedded Insurance Program To Other Policies Can Workers Comp embedded insurance cause problems later? When I was looking over the usual morning publications that I read for story ideas, I came across a great interview on embedded insurance from AM Best.  Do you subscribe to their daily newsletter? 

Workers Comp Dual Employment – Who Pays What To Injured Worker

Workers Comp Dual Employment – Paying Benefits For Another Employer – Hot Topic Likely due to the pandemic, I have come across quite a few situations lately where an injured employee was working for multiple employers at the time of the industrial accident.  Workers Comp dual employment situations occur more

Easy Way To Write Articles – Start Your Blog and Keep At It

Easy Way To Write Articles – Call on Your Muse An easy way to write articles is one that I have used since 2007.  The first article on this website was written in March 2007. The best way to start is by just sitting down at the keyboard and start

Workers Comp Budgeting Mistake Made With Experience Mods

Workers Comp Budgeting Mistake – Sometimes The Numbers Aren’t The Numbers A frequent workers comp budgeting mistake I see at least quarterly is when a low Workers Comp Experience Mod increases or decreases significantly.  Most of the time, the budgeting mistake comes from a lower Mod increases to what would

So You Want To Be A Workers Comp Consultant – 10 Ideas To Start

Workers Comp Consultant – Are You Ready To Start Your Engine? Over the years (since 1996), one of the most popular questions that I have fielded is what do I do if I want to be a Workers Comp Consultant? This question came from interns, agents, claims adjusters, premium auditors, 

Top 10 Workers Comp Concepts Learned At NCCI AIS 2022

Top 10 Workers Comp Concepts – NCCI AIS 2022 Last week, I covered the NCCI Annual Issues Symposium – more of a comprehensive view.  Cristine Pike was kind enough to invite me to the conference.  I decided to cover the Top 10 Workers Comp Concepts that I learned from press

NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 – Day 2 – Sessions

The NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 – Day 2 – a huge amount of data and ideas. The second day of the NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 started with Dr. Bob Harwig, University of South Carolina. Dr. Hartwig covers the most data in the shortest amount of time. Dr. Bob

NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 – Day 1 Sessions

NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 – The First Day of Great Info The NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 kicked off with me missing some of the morning sessions due to a medical issue.   Cristine Pike, Communications Director – NCCI, was kind enough to keep me up to date on the

Workers Comp Medical Provider Networks Absence = Losing $1 Million

Absence of Workers Comp Medical Provider Networks – 1993 Example Still Resonates Today Workers comp medical provider networks can usually provide injured employees with the utmost care while saving medical treatment dollars.  A win-win-win situation between the injured employee, medical provider, and employer can be attained if a preset workers

ChFC Designation Questions I Have Received Over The Years Answered

Why Did I Choose To Attain The Chartered Financial Consultant ChFC Designation? The ChFC designation is not one that you will find as part of the Institutes'(c) list of designations it provides for the insurance industry.   In the old days of trading business cards, I was asked more often than

Converting from Self-Insurance To The Voluntary Market Due To Pandemic

Converting From Self-Insurance To The Voluntary Market – 10 Item Checklist The subject of converting from self-insurance to voluntary market policies has been brought up quite a few times due to the loss of employees by some larger companies.  Some Workers Comp self-insureds shrank during the pandemic due to overall

2022 NCCI AIS May 9th – May 11th – See You There! (Updated Today)

2022 NCCI AIS (Annual Issues Symposium) – Going? Update On the 2022 NCCI AIS I published this article last weekend.   I then found out today that the 2022 NCCI AIS is sold out.  NCCI will likely publish quite a bit of the conference online due to coronavirus concerns.   You can

What Does The LCF Designation Mean In My Workers Comp Policy?

LCF Designation Question – Workers Comp Policy We have received this question in the last month from two risk management consultants.  What does the LCF designation stand for in our Workers’ Comp policies?  The question pops up now and then when talking with larger companies. One definition covers Retrospective Rating

Per Diems – Vexing Part of Average Weekly Wage – One Easy Fix

The Vexing Part of Workers Comp -Average Weekly Wages – Per Diems – Easy Fix I was reading an article written by John Kamin, Attorney on his blog concerning per diems.  Even though the article and case were on California claims, two of the article’s conclusions rang very true –

Workers Comp Wages – How Much Is A Rhode Island Red Worth?

My Strangest Workers Comp Wages Incident – Pricing Chickens Being able to write a story that covers workers comp premium audit and claims adjusting has the making of a rare event. Workers comp premium auditors call it remuneration while a workers comp adjuster calls the term wages.  Workers Comp Wages

NCCI Return To Work Analysis – Carriers Perspective on Cost Reductions

New NCCI Return To Work Analysis – Asking The Insurers Their Thoughts NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance) recently published a whitepaper as part of their Insights publications.  The NCCI Return to Work Insight covered six pages.  You can read or download a copy here. NCCI Return to Work Analysis

Workers Comp Chiropractic Care – A Cost Savings Technique?

WCRI Preliminary Study Shows Workers Comp Chiropractic Care Savings One of the subjects covered at the WCRI 2022 Conference was a savings element with workers comp chiropractic care for injured workers.   Unfortunately, I glossed over a big statistic that was presented by Dongchun Wang, WCRI Economist on the first day

WCRI 2022 Conference Morning Day 2 – No Masks – Great Speakers

WCRI 2022 Conference Morning Day 2 – No Masks – Great Speakers Short- and Long-Term Consequences of COVID-19 Thu. Mar 17, 2022 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM Keynote Speaker Sandro Galea, MD, MPH, DrPH Dean and Robert A. Knox Professor Boston University School of Public Health BIO Sandro Galea is

WCRI 2022 Conference Afternoon Day 1 – No Masks – Great Speakers

To see the Day 1-morning sessions – click here WCRI 2022 Conference Afternoon Day 1 The Future of the Workplace after COVID-19 Wed. Mar 16, 2022 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM Moderator Sebastian Negrusa, PhD Vice-President of Research WCRI Panelist Denise Algire Director of Risk Initiatives & National Medical Director

WCRI 2022 Conference Morning Day 1 – No Masks – Great Speakers

WCRI Conference Morning Day 1 – Dr. Bob Hartwig – Inflation Impact of Disruptions Caused by COVID-19 on Workers’ Compensation The 1980s were much worse – Inflation 2022 13.5% 2022 -7.5% Inflation Misery Index – Two years on, the disruptive impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to reverberate throughout the

WCRI 2022 Conference Session – Workers Comp Since Nixon Report

WCRI 2022 Conference Session – How Has Workers Comp Performed Since 1972 Nixon Report? One of the more interesting WCRI 2022 Conference sessions should be how have the Workers Comp industry performed since the 1972 report.  The article that I wrote on the 1972 Nixon Administration report last month went

Nixon Administration Workers Comp Federalization – 1972 Landscape

Nixon Administration Workers Comp Federalization – The Landscape Changes in 1972 The Nixon Administration Workers Comp Study of 1972 recommended that the states should continue to administer Workers Compensation individually.  Check out this article I wrote last month on the 50-year-old study.   The Elvis and President Nixon picture is worth

Having Zero Claims For Current Policy Year Saves Instantly? – Not Exactly

Having Zero Claims For Current Policy Year = Instant Savings? Probably Not I came across this situation recently while reviewing a loss run with an agent.  The question by the agent was if his insured client was having zero claims for their current policy, will that reduce premiums instantly? My

Is Workers Comp Insurance Regressive or Progressive Like Taxes?

Workers Comp Insurance Regressive or Progressive When Compared To Taxes? We received an emailed question this week from a Junior at a local college.  Is Workers Comp insurance regressive or progressive similar to our income tax system?  The student was writing a research paper assessing whether or not workers compensation

Behavioral Control – IRS Updates Independent Contractor Factor

Behavioral Control – IRS Recent Update Includes Four Factors One of the most confusing areas for most companies is how to treat individuals and companies they hire for projects.   Company owners and CFOs are sometimes left scratching their heads at making these determinations.  One of the most important aspects of

Independent Contractor Definition – IRS Updates Website

IRS Narrows Independent Contractor Definition This topic has been covered many times in the articles on this website.  In October 2021, the IRS seems to have narrowed the independent contractor definition. The debate on who is or is not an independent contractor still occurs today.   We received a call last

WCRI 2022 Annual Conference – Workers Comp Info Extravaganza

WCRI 2022 Annual Conference In-Persson Workers Comp Numbers The WCRI 2022 Annual Conference will be back to in-person on March 16 – 17 at the Westin Copley Square in Boston, MA.  If you have not signed up, you should do so soon.  Let us look at what they will be

Workers Comp Residual Market Forum – NCCI Covers Underserved Niche

NCCI Workers Comp Residual Market Forum – Quiet Market Segment Review Last week, I attended/watched the NCCI Workers Comp Residual Market Forum.  The Forum was usually provided to carriers only in the past.  I decided to not pass up the chance to see the numbers on a huge market that

J&L Risk Management Articles – How To Access The Whole Picture

J&L Risk Management Articles – Six Steps For Easier Access The website contains over 2,000 J&L Risk Management articles.  Use these six steps to make sure that you have found all the articles that pertain to the subject that brought you to our website. If you are reading this info,

Workers Comp Self Insurance Calendar – Important Dates To Remember

Workers Comp Self-Insurance Calendar – Repetitiveness is Key Last week, I wrote an article on the voluntary market policy calendars. I did not want to leave out self-insureds as I sometimes forget is 15% of the market needs to be considered more often in studies, articles, and even in my

Workers Comp Insurance Calendar – Looking At Important Dates

Workers Comp Insurance Calendar – Let’s Look At What/When A J&L blog and newsletter reader asked the question earlier this month – we just renewed so what is our Workers Comp insurance calendar going to look like for 2022 – 2023? Most of the 2,000+ articles I have written come

Why Workers Comp Insurance Carriers Wait Six Months To Report Claims

Workers Comp Insurance Carriers And The Reporting Cycle Why Do Workers Comp Insurance carriers take so damned long to report claims to the rating bureaus (NCCI, WCIRB)?  Are they lazy? Can they not get their act together?  We have a loss run sitting right in front of us two weeks

NCCI Atlas Initiative Looks To Make Info More User Friendly

NCCI Atlas Initiative – Making Searches Work For Users I just finished watching the NCCI Atlas Initiative webinar that was part of their Data Education program.   I found it interesting that NCCI is now doing something about the same concerns that users have had for many years. My biggest gripe

Workers Comp Claims Departments Rarely Sourced For Studies

Workers Comp Claims Departments Have Often Ignored Numbers and Opinions Why are Workers Comp claims departments so rarely asked for input into studies for financial data or opinions?   Many articles have been written over the years on studies concerning Workers Comp data that obviously did not ask any claims staff

Workers Compensation Self Insureds – Often Ignored Puzzle Piece

Workers Compensation Self-Insureds Gripe At Me Most For This One Reason Yes, I admit it.  I often write about Experience Modification Factors, premium audits, and other parts of the WC system.  I should be writing more articles on Workers Compensation Self Insureds than I have over the years.   Then again,

Paying Workers Comp Benefits Late – Five Ways It Can Cost You

Paying Workers Compensation Late – Five Ways It Costs Claims Staff Paying Workers Comp benefits late can cause a claims adjuster or staff many headaches that quickly can avoid many problems in the future.  Many states have rules on the books that penalize slow payers for benefits that are owed

2022 Workers Comp Self-Insured Resolutions – A Few Changes

2022 Workers Comp Self-Insured Resolutions – Post-Pandemic(?) The 2022 Workers Comp self-insured resolutions should be looked at as a bridge from the pandemic to the post-pandemic era. Over the last 13+ years including 2021, I have written articles on workers comp resolutions.  Our self-insured clients and article/newsletter readers always remind

New Jersey Legislation Gives Break to S Corporations With New Bill

Proposed New Jersey Legislation Gives S Corporations A Break An interesting Bill that is now proposed  New Jersey Legislation would give S Corporations that are micro-companies a break on having to acquire Workers Comp coverage.   Some states such as West Virginia require even micro-employers to have Workers Comp coverage. J&L

Nixon Administration and Workers Comp Federalization 50 Years Ago

Nixon Administration Study on Federalizing Workers Comp I have written many times on prepping for the federalization of Workers Comp.  The Nixon Administration’s efforts to possibly make Workers Comp a federal insurance program was unknown to me at the time I wrote many of the federalization articles. Thanks to WorkCompCentral;

2022 Workers Comp Resolutions – Major Updates to 2021 + COVID

2022 Workers Comp Resolutions – A Few Major Changes The 2022 Workers Comp resolutions have changed from the 2021 resolutions.  I have written resolutions for almost 15 years.  As with the whole Workers Comp industry, the resolutions have changed a little, but not substantially. Keeping to the below resolutions will

Workers Comp Tech Advancement Found At WCI Orlando Conference

Workers Comp Tech Advancement – New Way To Heal Injuries One of the themes that I write about when attending conferences comes from visiting the vendor area.  The search for any type of workers comp tech advancement left me without articles to write in some of the years.   The best

Ignoring Workers Compensation Insurance Now = Paying More Later

Ignoring Workers Compensation Insurance Means Future Larger Premiums Many articles have appeared on this website after watching a process repeated multiple times.  An employer ignoring workers compensation insurance will soon pay more premiums to their carrier.  A self-insured employer will end up allocating more of their budget to Workers Comp

PARIMA Zoom Conference – BYOD – How Dangerous Is This?

BYOD – A practical solution or risk too far – PARIMA Zoom Conference This PARIMA Zoom Conference was reported on by our website consultant contractor.  The conference occurred at 3 AM Eastern Time. PARIMA is an international risk management organization.  They invited us to sit it and report on the

WCIRB Restaurant Class Code Webinar Live – First Ever Industry Profiled

Deep DIVE WCIRB Restaurant Class Code Webinar – Great Data Supply Hot Off The Presses – the WCIRB restaurant class code webinar just finished a few minutes ago.  I apologize upfront for any typos as I am doing this live. First-Ever WCIRBClass Code Webinar Industry Profile – Restaurants Why did

Did Workers Comp Pay COVID-19 Claims? – Popular Holiday Question

Did Workers Comp Pay COVID-19 Claims – Holiday Question  One of the questions that many of my relatives and friends from the southwest ask me was to see how did Workers Comp pay COVID-19 claims? Most of my relatives and friends never have been that concerned about Workers Comp.  They

Google Find My Device Saves The Day While At NWCDC Las Vegas

Google Find My Device Saves The Day With One Caveat Google Find My Device has saved the day for me more than a few times.  For some reason, I have dropped my phone in the back of Uber and Lyft rides a few times – even in other countries. The

No Wisconsin Medical Fee Schedule = Higher Medical Costs

WCRI Report Shows That No Wisconsin Medical Fee Schedule = Higher Costs Workers Comp fee schedules tend to keep costs down in most states.   A Wisconsin medical fee schedule for Workers Comp would assist Badger State employers in keeping their Workers Comp costs in control. WCRI (Workers Comp Research Institute)

Workers Comp Institute Conference Dec 12 2021 – 85 Page Program Wow

Workers Comp Institute Conference – Massive + Combined with Safety Conference The Workers Comp Institute Conference has an 85-page program.  What?  This is one of the largest syllabi that I have seen for a Worker Comp conference. The Workers Comp Institute decided to combine their annual Workers Comp conference with

NCCI and WCIRB Differ on Two Main Issues – Both COVID Related

NCCI and WCIRB – Two Recent COVID-19 Differences Many times on this website,  comparisons have been made between NCCI and WCIRB rules.  NCCI is the Workers Compensation rating bureau that covers 41 states with its HQ in Boca Raton, FL.  The WCIRB is the California Workers Compensation rating bureau. I

FAA Risk Management – Letter From Director Shows Alcohol Masks Risk

FAA Risk Management – Alcohol and Masks Risk With No Prosecution The FAA risk management letter  I came across yesterday shows a large concern for alcohol served in airports when added to the mask requirement. I came across this letter from Steve Dickson, Administrator for the FAA.  You can find

PARIMA 2021 Conference October 25 – 29th All Session Notes

PARIMA 2021 Conference October 25th – 29th, 2021 – International Risk Management How about international risk management?  Yes, there is an organization for that.  The PARIMA 2021 Conference was virtual.  As the conference was on a 12-hour time difference, my back office web contractor volunteered to take notes.   She did

Light Duty Return to Work Issues – NWCDC 2021 – Breakout Session

Good Basic Session on Light Duty Return to Work Issues and Challenges I attended and took notes on this NWCDC breakout session concerning light duty return to work.   This was a good basic session from two national employers.  One of the challenges, as we all know, is each state is

Workers Comp Experience Mods Becoming Decentralized – Bad Move?

New York Workers Comp Experience Mods Now Independent – What That Means Combining many states into a single number is one of the great time-saving aspects of interstate workers comp experience mods. Correction – North Carolina is still in the NCCI Interstate Mod System. NCCI published a newsletter this morning. 

2021 NWCDC – Leading a Resilient Claims Organization Thru Uncertainty

2021 NWCDC – Leading a Resilient Claims Organization Thru Uncertainty & Change This was the first session that I set through at the 2021 NWCDC.  The session had two of my favorite workers’ comp people – Rachel Fikes of Rising Medical and Denise Zoe-Algire of Albertsons Companies.  The two other

2021 NWCDC Conference – The Great And An Area For Improvement

2021 NWCDC Conference in Las Vegas Great Break from Video Conferences The 2021 NWCDC Conference in Las Vegas was worth attending even though the crowd was smaller this year.  I give the sponsors and BOD credit for having a large in-person conference during the end of the pandemic.   I decided

Hawaii Heavy Rate Increase – It’s The Medical Severity Stupid

Hawaii Heavy Rate Increase Likely Due To Medical Severity + 1 A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on the 27+% rate disparity between the NCCI rated states.  I promised to review why the reason for the 2020 Hawaii heavy rate increase when most states were lowering their advisory

Workers Comp Video Presentations – 10 Ways To Blow Them Up

Workers Comp Video Presentations And The Dreaded ZZZZ List All of us have survived Workers Comp video presentations over the last 20 months.   Many of them were well done such as the 2021 NCCI Annual Symposium.  Some showed how an ill-prepared group of presenters amplify their mistake of throwing together

NCCI Catastrophe Code 12 – Use or Lose It Class Code (Of Sorts)

Not All Claims Should Have NCCI Catastrophe Code 12 – But Some Should The COVID 19 Code Will Save You Premiums I was reviewing how NCCI was handling the catastrophe code that COVID 19 claims would be coded under to not have the claims count against an employer’s Mod.  <<<extremely

Long Tail Experience Mods From 20 Year Business Cycles A Good Idea

20 Year Business Cycles Show Need For Long Tail Experience Mods Would long tail Experience Mods benefit employers and insurance carriers?  Let us first look at the definitions of the two terms.  Hang in there – this concept has to build up for a few paragraphs. Long Tail Statistics When

Academy of Insurance – 7 Ways To Blow Up Your Workers Comp Program

Check out this new webinar I am teaching on Thursday at the Insurance Journal’s Academy of Insurance. I think it goes up 40% in price after tomorrow  (Wednesday).  If you are a member of the Academy, then you get to watch it Thursday and the recording afterwards for free. The

NCCI Arizona State Advisory Forum Shows 27.9% Rate Change Disparity

NCCI Arizona State Advisory Forum Shows 27.9% Rate Disparity The NCCI Arizona State Advisory Forum is worth the time to view or read.  Get the Advisory Info here.  Usually, when I mention a certain state in articles and presentations, someone will say – “we do not have interests in that

Workers Comp Physical Therapists As Initial Primary Providers Good Idea

Physical Therapists =Primary Workers Comp Initial Medical Treatment Provider? Workers Comp physical therapists have received a huge amount of good press over the last two months.   I had always thought that physical therapists could treat certain injuries from the onset. I have always been a proponent of physical therapy.  Check

Do You Know Your Workers Comp Benefits Info – Quiz 2 – Updated

10 Questions on Workers Comp Benefits Info – Test Your Knowledge The great response to the Workers Comp Benefits Info Quiz a few weeks ago made me think – let us do another one cover Workers Comp benefits info.  Remember that certain states may have exceptions.   Each question scores 10

Workers Comp Premium Audit Records – Keep The Old Ones Handy

Workers Comp Premium Audit Records After Zoom Your company’s workers comp premium audit records may need to be at your fingertips for a few years.  Why?  Let’s look at what happened from March 2020 to now.   Hybrid Premium Audits Will Be Temporary Situation Most of our clients had received

Pandemic Workers Comp Claims Spike That Never Happened

Anticipated Pandemic Workers Comp Claims Spike Mystery The Pandemic Workers Comp Claims spike was predicted by most of the industry prognosticators.  The anticipated claims tidal wave seems to have not occurred in the industry.  Let us look at a few valid sources of information. Pandemic Workers Comp Claim Numbers From

WALSH Jurisdiction Test Applied By South Dakota Supreme Court

South Dakota Supreme Court Applies WALSH Jurisdiction Test To Injured Trucker The South Dakota Supreme Court recently covered the WALSH Jurisdiction Test for jurisdiction in a recent decision.   Let us look at the five factors of this test and how they were applied in this case. I first saw this

Workers Comp Benefits Quiz – Test Your Knowledge – Updated

Workers Comp Benefits Quiz – 10 Quick Questions – Answered Most of the answers to this workers comp benefits quiz are in the articles that I have written since 2007.  Good luck. The answers will be provided on Monday, August 23rd with an article update.  If there are any questions

Hybrid Premium Audit Prep – Update to Last Week’s Article

Hybrid Premium Audit Prep – Changing the Paradigm For Employers Last week, I promised that I would write or update an article to the Zoom Hybrid premium audit article.  Most of what this article covers are the same as the in-person and hybrid premium audit prep that I have covered

Zoom Hybrid Premium Audits Becoming Standard Procedure

Zoom Hybrid Premium Audits – Not Just Temporary Pandemic Fix I had thought Zoom hybrid premium audits were going to fade away once the pandemic settles down to allow in-person meetings again.   Since the beginning of the pandemic, one new type of premium audit came to the forefront. Clients contacted

Workers Comp Claim Files Missing One Important Easy Task

Workers Comp Claim Files – Three-Point Contact Disappeared One task that workers comp claim files need has seemed to disappear over the years.   Most adjusters can make their lives much easier by accomplishing this one task upfront.   In the 13 workers comp adjuster everyday to-do list, this has to be

Insurance Blogging – Give It A Try – Five Easy Steps – One Secret

Insurance Blogging – Easy To Start – Hard To Keep Going My own experience with insurance blogging started in 2007.  I attended a conference in Atlanta on social media when it really started rolling along in 2008.  That is when I decided to start blogging very heavily and to have

Insurance Interns Are Untapped Source For Future Employees

Training Insurance Interns – Great Way To Hire Future Employees Insurance interns are one of the more enjoyable ways to fill a company’s vacancies.  J&L has hired many college students over the years.  Many times, we knew the college interns were not going to stay and work for us.  The

Pandemic Workers Comp Return To Work Conundrum Question

Pandemic Workers Comp Return To Work Question To Our Article Readers The tables have turned with me publishing a pandemic workers comp return to work (RTW) question for our great and intelligent audience. Pandemic Workers Comp Return to Work vs Vaccine Hesitancy Wikimedia public use license One of our great

Workers Comp Adjuster Turnover Phenomenon Affects Claims

Recent Pandemic Workers Comp Adjuster Turnover Phenomenon I do not like to write any articles on how the pandemic has affected anything now that we are hopefully in a post-pandemic phase.  A Workers Comp adjuster turnover trend spiked in early 2020. When I wear my workers comp consultant hat, I

Workers Comp Training – One Thing You Cannot Teach Anyone

Workers Comp Training Cannot Touch This One Area Many times,  Workers Comp training can teach someone how to technically perform a task to a level of excellence.  One area that still seems to appear more often frustrates insureds, agents, claimants, or any other person involved in the insurance process from

Workers Comp Accident Management Questions Rolled In

Workers Comp Accident Management By Restaurant Manager One of the more popular articles published recently covered the workers comp accident management by the restaurant manager of a slip-and-fall accident by a waitperson.  The article went viral, well, viral for a very specific-subject website. I received a few emails with questions

Workers Comp Injuries and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Workers Comp Injuries vs. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs may explain why injured workers react to their workers comp injuries in so many different ways.   Let us look at the below triangle. Where Do Workers Comp Injuries Fit On the Chart? I have found this chart invaluable

Workers Comp Accident – Happened Right In Front Of Me

Workers Comp Accident – Slip and Fall In Restaurant Over the July 4th weekend, I decided to visit a local restaurant that survived the pandemic.  Who knew that a workers comp accident would happen right in front of me? Please note the accident did not happen at the restaurant in

IME Cover Letter Effective Paragraph I Have Used Since the 1980s

Recommended Paragraph For IME Cover Letter Paragraph – Used In 47 States One of the most confusing parts of the IME cover letter is what information to request from the Independent Medical Exam physician. I have seen many claims managers, supervisors, and adjusters just crank out their system’s IME Cover

Most Reclassified Workers Comp Governing Class Code 2020 – NCCI

Top 10 Most Reclassified Workers Comp Governing Class Codes – NCCI Every year, I try to cover the most reclassified Workers Comp Governing Class Codes. The NCCI provided a great video and handout here.  One point to note – the reclassified codes were the governing class codes. Governing Class Codes

Groundbreaking Opioid Addiction Study – Vitamin D3 Deficiency?

Testing Vitamin D Deficiency – Groundbreaking Opioid Addiction Study A groundbreaking opioid addiction study points to a strong relationship between vitamin D deficiency and the markers of addiction.  The other more obvious conclusion was that the vitamin D deficiency showed a strong sunbathing addiction. A recent article in a leading

Non-opioid Treatment For Chronic Pain – Groundbreaking Study

A Non-opioid Treatment For Chronic Pain – Cutting Edge Development Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin have discovered a non-opioid treatment for chronic pain that may revolutionize severe pain treatment. A recent article in the Medical Xpress newsletter covered what may be the new way to treat chronic pain including

Workers Comp Wage Statements Should Be Reviewed For Accuracy

Workers Comp Wage Statements – Adjuster Reviews Saves Later Headaches One of the most reviled forms in the claims process is the workers comp wage statement.   Many states require very complex forms to be filed by the claims departments.  Employers usually like them even less.   The term “necessary evil” comes

Workers Comp Reserve Redundancy – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Workers Comp Reserve Redundancy – Industry Health Measure + Bane of Claims Staff What is a Workers Comp Reserve Redundancy?  Why does it keep Claims VPs up at night? Workers Comp Reserve Redundancy Definition Reserve Redundancy can be thought of as two-sided.   On a micro-level, an aggressive reserve by an

US Supreme Court 831(b) Micro-captives – Surprising Unanimous Decision

US Supreme Court 831(b) – Captive Advisor Win Expands Beyond Workers Comp  A recent US Supreme Court 831(b) micro-captive decision (unanimous) set a precedent that may go well beyond just Workers Compensation or insurance.  The case was CIC v. IRS.  The link will provide a 23-page PDF file of the

NCCI Pandemic Analysis Verifies Insurance Crisis That Never Occurred

2021 State of The Line – NCCI Pandemic Analysis – Incredibly Fast Recovery The NCCI pandemic analysis was quite a change of pace from the dire 2020 predictions for the Worker’s Comp markets.  I decided to attend the 2021 NCCI Virtual State of The Line – both days. The presentations

Workers Comp Delayed Medical Treatment Increases Opioid Prescriptions

Increased Opioids From Workers Comp Delayed Medical Treatment – WCRI  A recent WCRI (Workers Comp Research Institute) webinar showed that workers comp delayed medical treatment results in a higher level and longer treatment with opioids.   The chart below from the presentation says it all.  I will explain what the chart

Field Case Managers – Workers Comp Claims Closed Faster and Happier

Field Case Managers – Injured Employees Happier and Claims Closed Faster This is National Nurses Day.  In celebration of the day, I wanted to bring up a subject that I have seen overlooked in quite a few Workers Comp files – Field Case Managers.  If you want to see nurses

Jeff Bezos’s Workers Comp Shocker In Final Shareholder Letter

Jeff Bezos’s Workers Comp Worries Covered In Final Shareholder Letter Yes, Jeff Bezos’s Workers Comp concerns covered a specific type of injury.  The concerns were so important to him that he actually included a large passage in his final letter to shareholders.  Wow! One of the more astounding articles I

WCIRB Over-reserving Correction- California Update

WCIRB Over-reserving Correction – Rating Bureau Helps Out Employers – Wow! The Webinar Info Is at the bottom of this article California’s Workers’ Comp Insurance Rating Bureau provides a great assist to employers. The WCIRB over-reserving correction algorithm helps employers greatly.  Kudos to them – read on to see how

IRS Opens Promoter Investigations Office for 831(b) Micro Captives

IRS Opens Promoter Investigations Office For 831(b) Micro Captives The 831(b) micro captives industry received more news this week from the US Treasury Department.  The IRS opens promoter investigations office to: coordinate efforts across multiple business divisions to address abusive syndicated conservation easements and ‘abusive micro captive insurance arrangements as

Workers Comp Claim Development – Long Six+ Month Wait

Workers Comp Claim Development – Why The Six Month Delay? The Workers Comp claim development process has frustrated more than a few insureds or agents. Every time that I publish an article on how claims are reported and tabulated by the rating bureaus (NCCI, WCIRB, and others), the same question

California AB 1465 CAMPN State Sponsored Medical Networks Debate

CAMPN – California AB 1465 Alters Workers’ Comp Medical Treatment Networks The term CAMPN – California AB 1465 is an Assembly Bill that proposes to increase the injured workers’ access to medical treatment.   The California Workers’ Compensation Institute (CWCI) published a study this month that possibly surprised quite a few



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