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Are Workers Comp Insurance Agents Not Yoda Any Longer?

Workers Comp Insurance Agents vs The Interweb of Things  Workers Comp Insurance Agents are not the subject of  almost any of my 1,700 articles.  The insurance industry grinds to a halt very quickly without agents or brokers.  Agents operate like a car engine.   One of the first things I

Federalization of Workers Comp – Possible Game Changer

Federalization of Workers Comp Marches On The National Association of Registered Agents and Brokers Act of 2013 has just been again backed  by the US House of Representatives.  There are many articles and this blog first had coined the phrase – federalization of Workers Comp which has been picked up

Broker Definition – Not Same As Agent

Term Of The Day – Broker A Broker and an Agent are not the same thing. An agent is an insurance company’s representative by way of agent-principal legal custom. The agent’s primary alliance is with the insurance carrier, not the insurance buyer.  A broker has no allegiance to any insurance



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