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March 10, 2016

Opt Out 2nd Panel – WCRI Blogging Live – Boston MA

Opt Out 2nd Panel – WCRI Conference These are the Opt Out 2nd Panel of WCRI conference  blogging live. Presenters – Bruce C Wood- American Insurance Association Elizabeth Bailey- Waffle House Alan Pierce – Workers Injury Law and Advocacy Group James Mills- Oklahoma Insurance Department Great Panel Bruce Wood- Basically not a

WCRI – Blogging Live – Controversial Opt Out Panels

Controversial Opt Out Panels The blogging live controversial Opt Out panels in WCRI Two Presenters – Trey Gillespie – Property and Casualty Insurers Association of America Bill Minick – PartnerSource Opt outs as a form of Workers Compensation coverage has been in Texas for quite some time.   Texas’s program has

WCRI Blogging Live- Crossing State Lines For Medical Care

WCRI Blogging Live – Medical Care This is the WCRI blogging live crossing States lines for Medical care Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC’s) – in New York City vs. New Jersey Preliminary Findings Dr. Brogdan Savych – medical researcher and author  for WCRI Shoulder Arthroscopies average ASC cost increased significantly from

California Medical Review and Dispute – Blogging WCRI Conference

California Medical Review and Dispute Blogging Live WCRI Conference California Medical review and dispute is a white hot topic amongst risk managers presently.  One of the hot sub-topics now is the amount of money charged for UR (Utilization Review) in California. In our claims loss run analyses, we find that

Blogging Live WCRI Comparing Workers Comp Outcomes Across States

WCRI – Blogging Live Comparing Workers Comp outcomes across states WCRI blogging  live. Subject to Further Research One of my favorite WCRI studies – hard work on this one Dr. Savych  and Dr. Thumula (WCRI) – presenters These two presenters presented the initial study data last year- 2015.  It was

WCRI – Blogging Live – Do Fee Schedules = WC Case Shifting?

WCRI – Blogging Live – Case Shifting and Fee Schedules WCRI WC Case Shifting and do fee schedules. Preliminary Findings Dr. Osleya Formenko – Author – Impressive- Received Her Doctorate From Our HQ City  Raleigh – UNC Dr John Gruber- Dartmouth Institute Dr. John Ruser – Presenter There are many numerous

Blogging Live WCRI 2016 Yearly Conference – Ground Rules

Blogging Live WCRI Conference 2016 Ground Rules OK, so there are a few ground rules with blogging live WCRI Conference. Please excuse any typos or any weird looking info.   I am trying to follow the presenters, not necessarily the slides they present as to include info that will not



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