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March 6, 2015

Reforms – WCRI Conference Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Florida

Reforms – WCRI Conference Reforms – WCRI – States – Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Florida presented on the effects of reforms that were enacted in each respective state. Texas- 270 insurance companies 2.2 billion in direct written premiums Texas had pre-reform- High medical costs– over-utilization Poor Return to Work outcomes

Selected State Reforms And Their Effect – WCRI – Blogging Live

Selected State Reforms And Their Effect Selected State Reforms And Their Effect – The Effects of An Increase in Maximum Weekly Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Benefits or Fee Schedules Impact On Medical Costs – Indiana – 18% of injured employees had hit the maximum, after the reform – 12% of

State By State Analyses – ALAE Allocated Adjustment Expenses – WCRI Blogging Live

ALAE Allocated Adjustment Expenses The ALAE Allocated Adjustment Expenses of state by state analyses. State by State Comparison of ALAE – represent 10 to 20% across States Moderator- Ramona Tanabe California highest overall Medical Management ALAE – Highest states are Louisiana and New Jersey- interesting that the top two did not



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