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March 31, 2011

Workers Comp File Reserves – You ARE Running Late

Workers Comp File Reserves Important To Catch Up The Workers Comp file reserves important this time of year.  I have posted over the last two weeks on the process of performing a Workers Compensation file reserve review as a way of reducing your E-Mods or X-Mods. I am using January

Federalization Of Workers Compensation – Another Opinion

Federalization Of Workers Compensation From Peter Rousmaniere One of the more astute Workers Comp authors/bloggers recently wrote an article on The Federalization of Workers Compensation. I have been writing on this subject for over a year and it is good to see other opinions on what I think will be

E-Mod X-Mod Ex-Mod Question From One Of Our Readers

Reader Question On E-Mod X-Mod Ex-Mod California  Yesterday I received a question on Workers Comp E-Mod X-Mod Ex-Mod in California. Recently, our California Ex Mod greatly increased due to a few open claims that are dragging on and on. My policy doesn’t expire until mid-year and I am being charged

What Does Strategic Risk Management Cost?

Term Of The Day – Strategic Risk Management Strategic Risk Management (SRM) is the identification, assessment, and management of risk in an organization’s business strategy. When risks are realized under this process, action is taken swiftly. SRM involves predicting how possible events will affect the strategy and it’s execution, and what



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