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soft market

2018 Soft Market or Just Reactions To Changes In Mod Structure?

Is A 2018 Soft Market For Workers Comp Here or Is It Something Else? A 2018 soft market began to show up in some of the data this year.  In fact, over the last week I have been interviewed for articles on the current WC market conditions. Interesting enough, the

Will Workers Comp Fall Off That Nasty Fiscal Cliff?

Nasty Fiscal Cliff – Will Workers Comp Fall Off It? Will Workers Comp be affected if we all fall off that nasty fiscal cliff ?  I think we first need to define what exactly is the fiscal cliff.  According to the article from the link: “The now infamous phrase was coined

Soft Market – Are We In One Now?

Term Of The Day – Soft Market Part of a cycle, the term soft market describes the time when premiums are low, profits dwindle, and competition increases. As the number of claims increase, insurance carriers can no longer afford to lower premiums to increase volume. When this happens, the soft



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