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Ohio’s BWC Provides 83.5 Moon Roundtrips Overcharging

Ohio’s BWC Provides 83.5 Moon Roundtrips Unsurprisingly, Ohio’s BWC (Bureau of Workers Compensation), a monopolistic state fund,  had  a very scorching court decision rendered against it a few months ago.  Rather than keep appealing the Appeals Court decision, the BWC decided to settle with certain policyholders. If you have not

Ohio Appeals Court Decision Start Privatization Conversation?

Ohio Appeals Court Decision  Could Change BWC A recent Ohio Appeals Court Decision against the Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) may possibly start the progression of the state’s monopolistic Workers Compensation system to a free market system.  The court decision is well worth a quick review.  (Pages 5 -7 and

Mississippi Court Indirectly Uses WALSH Jurisdictional Test for WC

Mississippi Court Uses Walsh Jurisdictional Test (Sort Of) Alabama and Mississippi were the two choices for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. (See yesterday’s article on a bad faith case).   The  Court very likely did not use the WALSH jurisdictional test.   However, the results were the same.  I

Monopolistic Ohio Overcharges Companies $845,000,000

Monopolistic Ohio Overcharges Mega Amount Monopolistic Ohio and its Workers Compensation bureau had been the center of controversy a few years ago with a few questionable investments.  A judge recently ruled that The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) overcharged insureds $845,000,000. The average refund payable per each employer is

Ohio Workers Comp Lawsuit Revisited After Court Decision

Ohio Workers Comp Changing With Recent Court Decision The Ohio Workers Comp lawsuit result indicated a bad result for the monopolistic carrier.  I had posted on this situation November 22nd. If a judge can grasp why the state cannot artificially structure the Workers Comp premium rates for Ohio business, why

Automated Reserving Programs Work Better Than Claims Adjusters?

Automated Reserving Programs For Workers Comp – Better Than An Adjuster? I received this question on automated reserving in response to yesterday’s post. You had said there are no guidelines for a Workers Compensation Adjuster to set the Workers Comp reserves on a file – How about the automated reserving



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