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Workers Comp Small Deductible Correction – Woops (My Mistake)

Workers Comp Small Deductible Programs Reduce Costs More In Certain  States Most Workers Comp small deductible programs result in premium savings.  However, in certain states, the savings can be much larger. I decided to write a few corrections this week.  In 2009 – yes, that far back in time, I

Small Deductible Policies Worth It? – NCCI – Varies by State

Small Deductible Policies Using small deductible policies can be a great cost-saving technique in some states. One of the long standing assumptions I had made was that small deductible policies really did not make that much of a difference to the cost of a Workers Comp policy.  Small deductible policies

Small Deductible Workers Comp Programs – Do They Work?

Small Deductible Programs Can Affect Claims Reporting Small deductible programs is always a much-discussed topic when employers are looking to cut their WC costs. This was a question that was emailed to me earlier this week.  We have audited the policies for a few small deductible programs.  The most recent



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