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Best Way To Waste Time On Workers Comp in December

The Easiest Way To Waste Time On Workers Comp Before The New Year I have discovered the best way to waste time on Workers Comp in December.   Workers Compensation reserves do not directly apply to a policy that renews within 30 days.   We receive many emails and phone

Workers Comp End Of Year Renewal Mistake

Workers Comp End Of  The Year Renewal Not A Good Idea The Workers Comp end of the year renewal can be viewed as a mistake.  Most Workers Comp insurance policies renew on January 1st. If your company’s policy renews on January 1st, you are likely committing one of the cardinal

Workers Comp Renewal – Five Ways To Harm Your Insurance Program

A Workers Comp Renewal On January 1 Is A Crowded Road A Workers Comp renewal on January 1 creates five ways (or more) to harm your WC program.  In my many years working for insurance companies and TPA’s, I have found that employers and their agents start to rush everything

January 1 Renewal Date Can Cost you $ On Your Workers Comp Premium

January 1 Renewal Date Costly Choice Usually, a January 1 renewal date will end up costing your company more in Workers Comp premium.  Addressing this situation is one of the easiest ways possible to reduce your Work Comp premium. Renewing your policy on January 1st is akin to shopping on

Policy Renewal – When We Usually Hear From Companies

We Usually Hear From Companies Just Before Or After Policy Renewal The workers comp policy renewal date sparks much interest from most employers whether it is approaching or has just passed in the last few days or weeks. This is a question that was posed to me at a recent



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