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Work Comp Audit Bill – We Cannot Pay It Immediately

We Are Unable to Pay Work Comp Audit Bill – Help Companies that cannot afford their Work Comp audit bill is one of the main reasons that we are contacted overall.   The work comp audit bill is usually mailed to the employer within a few days after receiving the

Workers Compensation and Hospitality Industries Are Very Similar

WC And Hospitality Industries Are Similar – Service and Employees The WC and Hospitality Industries are very similar in quite a few respects. The idea for this article resulted from seeing the best in the hospitality industry and the worst.  We, as consultants, usually are contacted when there is a

Premium Audit Bill – D-Day Is Date You Receive It

D-Day – Premium Audit Bill Deadlines Why would I post that this is premium audit D-Day? A majority of our clients renewed on 1/1/11. January 1 is still the date that a majority of companies renew their Workers Comp policies. The premium audit cycle is that an insurance company premium

Premium Audit Bills For Workers Comp – Calls and Emails Daily

WC Premium Audit Bills Always Generate Calls and Emails The workers comp premium audit bills cause us to receive calls and emails on a daily basis. We are always glad to hear from former and potential clients for our Workers Comp services. The most popular post and the #1 subject

Expense Constant Charge On All Workers Comp Policies?

Term of the Day- Expense Constant Charge The Expense Constant charge is a fee charged on every Workers Compensation policy, regardless of the policy size. It is a fixed, flat expense charge that is applied in addition to the premium developed for that policy, usually ranging between $100-$300. This arbitrary

Workers Comp Premium Audit Bill Payments – Correction

Workers Comp Premium Audit Bill Payments I need to make a correction on workers’ comp premium audit bill payments. I do not go back and change any of my prior posts. I decided to add in a post to lessen any confusion on my last post. One of my colleagues has

Workers Comp Carriers Cancel Policies For Late Payment of Premiums

For Late Payment Workers Comp Carriers Cancel Policies According to the Workers Comp it can carriers cancel policies for late payment of premium.We recently received a great question about Workers Compensation carriers cancelling policies for late payment of premiums that resulted from a premium audit. Yes, a Workers Comp insurance

Changes of company ownership – Workers Compensation Specific Rules

Workers Compensation Changes Of Company Ownership The E-Mod liabilities change for Workers Compensation during changes of company ownership. I received a question last week concerning company ownership liabilities when a company is acquired by another company or individual. There are actually very long and somewhat complicated rules on Experience Modification

Workers Comp Program Caution – Easy Under Radar Way To Harm It

Workers Comp Program Can Be Harmed In Different Ways How can you harm your Workers Comp program? Most employers have concerns that decisions about what to pay and when to pay can actually harm their business. When Workers Compensation insurance policies are examined for employers, there is one area where

Readers Question on What To Do With Premium Audit Bill

What To Do (Not) – WC Audit Bill Workers Comp – what not to do with the premium audit bill. I received my Workers’ Comp payroll audit results. The auditor says that I owe $67,587 more than I originally paid for my policy. We are a small company and that



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