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Pinnacol Privatization

Pinnacol – Different View – Colorado Agent Disagreed

Different View of Colorado’s Pinnacol  I decided to publish a different view of Pinnacol.  One of my blog readers that is an agent in Colorado disagreed with what I had said about Pinnacol in one of my recent posts. The verbatim quote is in the next few paragraphs. I may

Pinnacol Wants To Become Mutual Company In Near Future

Mutual Company  – Pinnacol Wants To Be One Pinnacol becoming a mutual company generates a litany of tax questions.  One of my devout blog readers has asked why would Pinnacol offer so much $ for its autonomy. I did leave that part out of my last few posts Pinnacol. Pinnacol

Colorado – Pinnacol Is Willing To Pay How Much For What?

Colorado – Pinnacol Is Willing To Pay Recently, I posted an article on Colorado’s Workers Comp carrier Pinnacol offering a staggering figure ($200 million) for autonomy. I had thought that Colorado would take the $ as the Colorado Legislature’s raiding of the company’s surplus to the tune of $500 million

Colorado’s Pinnacol Is Willing To Pay $200,000,000 For What?

Colorado’s Pinnacol Pays $200,000,000 Did Colorado’s Pinnacol just buy its independence?  I usually am able to comprehend most things that happen in the World of Workers Comp. When I read the headlines that Pinnacol is willing to pay $200 million to have more autonomy, I was flabbergasted, to say the



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