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Ohio Appeals Court Decision Start Privatization Conversation?

Ohio Appeals Court Decision  Could Change BWC A recent Ohio Appeals Court Decision against the Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) may possibly start the progression of the state’s monopolistic Workers Compensation system to a free market system.  The court decision is well worth a quick review.  (Pages 5 -7 and

All Of Our Brickstreet Clients, New Email Address Changes

Our Brickstreet Clients – New Intake Email Address Brickstreet has recently changed their claims intake email address. One of the Five Keys To Saving Workers Comp $$$ is filing first reports timely.   Their StreetConnect services should also be used if you want to file your first reports as soon as

West Virginia Workers Comp – Was It Ever Subsidized?

West Virginia Workers Comp Was Subsidized Was West Virginia Workers Comp Carrier Brickstreet subsidized by taxpayers?  I was reading a Opinion Letter in the Charleston Daily Mail about Workers Comp being subsidized for governmental entities in WV. I had to disagree with the letter as the author inferred that WV

Article By George Hohmann on Brickstreet Future Outlook

New Brickstreet Strategies By George Hohmann This article is by George Hohmann. Check back tomorrow for my opinion on how a Workers Compensation insurance carrier cannot and should not try to insure out of state workers when they are domiciled in a single state. BrickStreet looks forward to flexibility by George

Brickstreet and Apology For Not Posting Articles Over Last Two Weeks

Brickstreet Class Action Pursued By West Virginia Manufacturer This article on Brickstreet appeared in many newspapers and Workers Comp publications last week. My Apologies – due to traveling and being in an area with sketchy WiFi and very slow dial-up service, the blogs have not been tended to for about



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