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Blue Cross Blue Shield Program Great Risk Management

Blue Cross Blue Shield Program Cuts Healthcare Costs A Blue Cross Blue Shield program email appeared in my email inbox last week.   The email pointed out that I could have a well-being appointment and pay no co-pays or deductibles.   The program even covered the labs at 100%. The Affordable Care

Will Cutting or Eliminating Health Insurance Cause Rise In WC Claims

Cutting  Or Eliminating Health Insurance v. Workers Comp One of  the under-the-radar effects of cutting or eliminating health insurance is a rise in Workers Compensation claims.  If an employee has no health insurance or has to pay a very large deductible, this may cause them to turn to Workers Comp

Federal/State Health Exchanges Could Be Used For Workers Comp

Federal/State Health Exchanges Could Become Modified PPO Could Health Exchanges be used for Workers Comp markets?   The Death of Workers Comp is one of the most read posts on this blog.  I still receive a few emails  disagreeing with it in total.  The Federalization of Workers Comp was a term

Obama or Romney – Vote For Workers Compensation?

Workers Compensation Vote – Obama or Romney Workers Compensation – would a vote for Obama or Romney be a vote for our industry? Well, we are finally here.   I will miss the droning on off all the commercials.  I live a battleground state so they airwaves and internet were flooded



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