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Workers Compensation Fraud In New Jersey – Video Says It All

Workers Compensation Fraud – New Jersey Man Caught on Video Workers Compensation fraud appears very rarely in the articles on this blog.  (Why?)   The subject remains one of the most overused and overwritten subjects since I first started in the business in the last part of the 1980s. The Workers

Audit Dispute No Explanation Great Way To Alienate Carrier + Agent

Audit Dispute With No Explanation Can Create Bad Vibes A premium audit dispute with no explanation of why it was disputed can wreck your Workers Comp system. We are quite often brought into a dispute that an employer has with their insurance carrier’s audit.   One caveat to disputing a

Workers Comp Premium Auditor Fraud Is Hard To Detect

Workers Comp Premium Auditor Fraud Workers Comp premium auditor fraud is very hard to detect.  The auditors possess such a high level of fiduciary responsibility as they review millions of dollars in premium every week.  This fiduciary responsibility came to light with the recent West Virginia case. A Brickstreet premium auditor had been

Workers Compensation And National Insurance Crime Bureau

The National Insurance Crime Bureau I had not heard of the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) until last week. The organization functions as a repository for questionable claims. The organization seems to be somewhat similar to the Index Bureau. This is from the NICB’s website – The National Insurance Crime

Insurance Buyers Swindled In Multinational Scam

Insurance Buyers Beware – All May Not Be As It Seems A large number of  Insurance buyers were recently swindled in scam. While reading a recent issue of Business Insurance, I couldn’t help but read the article on the front page with the headline “Insurance buyers swindled in scam, prosecutors

South Carolina Work Comp Consultant Sentence Upcoming

South Carolina Work Comp Consultant Follow Up This South Carolina Work Comp consultant article is for an answer to a web comment.  We had a few emails sent to us and one comment was left on what happened to the South Carolina Workers Comp consultant’s client in this post. In

South Carolina Workers Comp Consultant Convicted of Fraud -Updated

The South Carolina Workers Comp Consultant A South Carolina Workers Comp consultant was recently convicted of Fraud. Here are the facts: (Thanks to the Charleston Post Courier – a fine newspaper) Bob Kohn was a member of the state House of Representatives from North Charleston in 1990 when he became a

Do Not Ask Us To Do This In Any Workers Comp Situation

A No-Go Workers Comp Situation This is a Workers Comp Situation J&L Risk Management Consultants tries to avoid as much as possible. We have received a few calls this year asking us to help prepare a company’s books for an upcoming Workers Comp audit. We will not ever and have



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