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April 6, 2011

Medical Only Claims Festering – Fuse May Be Lit For Huge Loss

Medical Only Claims Festering (c) The term medical only claims festering was coined by me in the late 1980s. Most medical only claims are just that – claims with low dollar values that close within 90 days. They usually do not affect your E-Mod (Ex-Mod) in most situations. There is

Workers’ Comp To Hit Big Time-On Small Screen

Workers’ Comp Debuts On Small Screen The small screen will host a Workers’ Comp series.  I have often thought that, at times, Workers Comp is interesting and challenging. I even dreamed it to be comedic enough to support a TV show. Well, here it is. Eagerly anticipated and much talked

E-Mod (Ex-Mod) Review – Leave This Part Alone For Best Results

E-Mod (Ex-Mod) Review Of Outstanding Reserves An E-Mod (Ex-Mod) review is something to leave to the experts.   Usually, approximately one third of the Total Incurred value should be Outstanding Reserves. That is a very, very rough approximation. I received a few question on this figure.This is an overall estimation

What Is A Planned Retention?

Term Of The Day – Planned Retention This is a risk financing term that refers to retention of losses by an organization or business as a result of a conscious decision. The organization makes a decision to assume the exposure while fully aware of the loss and exposure. Planned retention



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