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March 17, 2011

Premium Audit Bill – D-Day Is Date You Receive It

D-Day – Premium Audit Bill Deadlines  Why would I post that this is premium audit D-Day? A majority of our clients renewed on 1/1/11. January 1 is still the date that a majority of companies renew their Workers Comp policies.  The premium audit cycle is that an insurance company premium

CICA Captive Conference 2011 Interesting Alternative Insurance

CICA 2011 Conference – Tucson AZ was a learning experience I attended the CICA Conference this week in Tucson AZ. The conference provided a large amount of information that I will have to sift through and post some of the important info on this blog next week. One thing I

Workers Comp File Reserves – You May Be Running Late

Workers Comp File Reserves Timing Important I try to post information on Workers Comp file reserves this time of year. Why? The majority of Worker Compensation policies renew on January 1st.  The Unit Stat date for those policies is 7/01/11. Your companies Unit Stat date will occur 6 months AFTER

Actuarial Report Contains Very Important Workers Comp Info

Actuarial Report Important For Budgeting The actuarial report consists of a document or other presentation, prepared as a formal means of conveying the actuary’s professional conclusions and recommendations, of recording and communicating the methods and procedures, of assuring that the parties addressed are aware of the significance of the actuary’s



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