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March 9, 2011

Insurance Buyers Swindled In Multinational Scam

Insurance Buyers Beware – All May Not Be As It Seems A large number of  Insurance buyers were recently swindled in scam. While reading a recent issue of Business Insurance, I couldn’t help but read the article on the front page with the headline “Insurance buyers swindled in scam, prosecutors

Bill Review and Disability Claim Management Very Expensive

Bill Review and Disability Claims Are Very Expensive  Bill Review  and disability claims have come to the forefront as two of the most outrageously expensive costs of Workers Compensation. A huge concern, especially in this economic climate, is that companies cannot survive with exorbitant Workers Compensation claims and disability claims

What Is A Cell Captive?

Term Of The Day – Cell Captive A cell captive is either a rent-a-captive or a sponsored cell captive. The main goal is to lower risk by separating the underwriting data and results into distinct entities. This allows for each cell to only be responsible for its cell and not for



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