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December 17, 2010

Funded Self-Insurance

 Term Of The Day – Funded Self-Insurance Funded self-insurance is also referred to as accountant’s self insurance. An account or accounts are set up in a company’s budget to pay the Workers Compensation claims. These accounts are “funded” at the beginning of the budget year. Risk management techniques such as

Carpal Tunnel Claims Reduced By Almost 50% – Amazing

Carpal Tunnel NCCI When I was looking over the recent report by NCCI, I noticed an incredible figure on the reduction of a certain type of injury. Their September 2010 report, “Workers Compensation Claim Frequency Continues to Decline in 2009” is a treasure trove of great statistics. The one that

Independent Contractors In South Carolina

South Carolina Independent Contractors The following is a great assessment of how a specific Workers Compensation Commission views independent contractors. Even if your company has no Workers Comp concerns in SC, the control issue is spelled out here very well. The issue of employee vs. subcontractor is very important at the



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