Monopolistic North Dakota Third Look At Its Workers Comp Program

Monopolistic North Dakota Audits WSI Thrice  I used to post often about the plight of monopolistic North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance (WSI). The WSI is responsible for the administration of North Dakota’s Workers Comp program. The WSI has had many trials and tribulations as one of the last remaining monopolistic

Two Monopolistic State Funds Strike Again Recently

Ohio And North Dakota Monopolistic State Funds I do not wish to pick on any of the monopolistic state funds. I have passed over commenting on quite a few articles referring to Ohio and North Dakota. However, these two news items were too major to ignore. North Dakota – A

North Dakota – Workers Compensation Mutual Insurance Company?

Is North Dakota Headed Towards A Commercial Insurance Market?  North Dakota may soon turn into a mutual Workers Comp Insurance company such as Nevada did with Employers Holdings Inc., and West Virginia did with Brickstreet. Both of those companies are having somewhat of a success in being a private insurance carrier,

North Dakota Workers Compensation Conundrum Getting Worse

Workers Compensation Conundrum in the Peace Garden State North Dakota has a Workers Compensation Conundrum.  One of my prior posts addressed some of the problems with North Dakota‘s Workers Comp system. I think there now may be a problem larger than the ones they tried to fix with multiple audits



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