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California Workers Comp Costs Growing Quickly

CA Workers Comp Costs The quickly growing Workers Comp costs in California places it as the most expensive state.  I was perusing an article from the Workers Compensation Action Network that contained a few astounding statistics. If you are in CA or want to see what your Workers Comp situation may

Sad But Inspiring Story

ABC News Inspiring Story An inspiring story at ABC News about clean water but so sad.As you know, I have never had any advertising on this blog and rarely recommend companies. This post is an exception. A little girl with a big heart put up a website to provide developing

Workers Compensation Information For All 50 States – Quick Tip

Quick Tip For Workers Compensation Information Workers Compensation information sources are so plentiful that you may have information overload.  Fortunately, there is one website that can function as an index of sorts. One of the best websites that I have seen for Workers Compensation information is a very quiet provider

SC Workers Comp Consultant – 10 Takeaways or Questions to Ask

SC Workers Comp Consultant – How To Avoid This Situation These are the 10 takeaways to ask SC Workers Comp Consultant.   This questions have been discussed in the Workers Comp community since the conviction of the South Carolina Workers Comp consultant.   There are a few concerns that any

Copyright Concerns and Website Scraping From Our Website

Copyright Concerns On The J&L Blog Posts I have few concerns about copyright on our web or blog posts.   I have been contacted by quite a few insurance agents, consultants, websites, etc. about using this blog and the newsletter at will to beef up their website or open access

LexisNexis Awards Cutcompcosts Top 25 Workers Comp Blogs 2008

LexisNexis Awards Cutcompcosts.com Blog  We were just informed by LexisNexis Workers Compensation Law Center that we were named one of the Top 25 Blogs for Workers Compensation. J&L has worked tirelessly to conduct a blog that was informative to all parties in the Workers Comp arena. According to LexisNexis: “The



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