California Xmods = Heavy Penalty For Repetitive Accidents

California Insurance Commissioner Approves 2017 Changes California Xmods also known as Experience Modification Factors calculations are changing drastically in 2017.  A very important term for California employers  in the next few years is the term variable split point. Split points are the amount at which the Total Incurred for a

California Loss Cost Multipliers Say No To Reform Measures

California Loss Cost Multipliers Do Not Reflect Any Reform Measures The California Loss Cost Multipliers has said no to reforms. Loss Cost Multipliers (LCM’s) are one of the concepts in Workers Comp that I have been covering for many years.  LCM’s are the carriers’ own assessments of risk in the marketplace.

D Ratio On My Experience Rating Sheets – What Is It?

Term Of The Day – D Ratio A D Ratio is a variable used in a workers compensation experience rating plan. It is applied to the expected losses to determine what percentage of those expected losses are to be considered as primary losses within the rating formula. Once discovered, the

Workers Comp Large Deductibles And Rating Bureaus

Workers Comp Large Deductibles Still Have E-Mod – Shocker The Workers Comp Large Deductibles have always been reported to the rating bureaus.   Reader Question – We have a large deductible. Our Company is basically self insured. We have heard this comment often lately as larger employers seek to control

Workers Comp Subcontractors Jurisdiction Question

Workers Comp Subcontractors Jurisdiction  The Jurisdiction of Workers Comp subcontractors WC coverage. A question asked by a peer always draws my attention.  I received this question from one of my peers in the Workers Comp world. A client of ours uses subcontractors as a part of their construction contracts. The



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