Disputed Premium Audit Bill – Does Our Company Have To Pay Any Of It?

Disputed Premium Audit Bill – How Much To Pay? One question that we receive the most often is the sufficient amount to pay when there is a disputed premium audit bill.  Premium audits and the associated bills always generate a large number of questions. The answer in the simplest terms is

Premium Audit Disputes and Collection Agencies Warning

Premium Audit Disputes Warning Since the first of the year, a large number of inquiries on premium audit disputes from employers with premium  audit disputes.  I am not sure if insurance carriers by contract can do this – but a large number of disputed bills are being forwarded to collection

Premium Audits – Paying Undisputed Premiums

Paying The Undisputed Premiums Requirement  The undisputed premiums after the audit should be paid to the carrier.  We have received a number of questions on how to proceed if there is a Workers Comp premium dispute on how much premiums are owed. For example, I received this question last week.  We

Do We Have To Pay Premium Audit Bill Now – Not Exactly

Do We Need To Pay The Premium Audit Bill Immediately? All employers have concerns on whey they should need to pay premium audit bills as soon as they receive them from their insurance carrier.  As I have mentioned often, employers call or email us with this question more than any

Workers Comp Premium Audit Bill Payments – Correction

Workers Comp Premium Audit Bill Payments I need to make a correction on workers’ comp premium audit bill payments. I do not go back and change any of my prior posts. I decided to add in a post to lessen any confusion on my last post. One of my colleagues has

Workers Compensation Audits – How Many Is Carrier Allowed Per Year?

Workers Compensation Audits Rules We received this question recently from a manufacturer in California.  The number of Workers Compensation audits that can be performed by a carrier should only occur once per policy year.  The Workers Comp policy that you have received from the carrier should have all the Workers Comp



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