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Workers Comp Premium Savings Generated With Website Updates

Workers Comp Premium Savings – Keep Your Website Updated  How can workers comp premiums savings come from updating your website?   One of our clients from last year had let their website sit for a few years without updating it.   What happened caused me to write this article.   During a workers

California Loss Cost Multipliers Say No To Reform Measures

California Loss Cost Multipliers Do Not Reflect Any Reform Measures The California Loss Cost Multipliers has said no to reforms. Loss Cost Multipliers (LCM’s) are one of the concepts in Workers Comp that I have been covering for many years.  LCM’s are the carriers’ own assessments of risk in the marketplace.

Workers Comp Reserves – Large Reader Response

Workers Comp Reserves – The Skinny  An article this week on Workers Comp reserves generated a huge response. I was going to post on Class Codes 8810 and 8742. This blog had the largest one day total of visitors ever earlier this week. I will cover more material on reserving

Workers Compensation Claims Adjuster – Friend or Foe?

The Job Of  A Workers Compensation Claims Adjuster A Workers Compensation claims adjuster – are they friend or foe?  Many years ago, I started out my career as an insurance adjuster trainee. The adjuster has more to do with your Workers Comp premiums than any underwriter, agent, or premium auditor.

NOC – What Does That Mean?

Workers Comp Rating Acronym NOC NOC  is an acronym you need to know.     Another great question from one of the blog readers – We received our Workers Comp policy for this year. We noticed that all of our positions – Classification Codes have an NOC on the end



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