What Are Workers Compensation Claim Reserves – Confusing Term

 Workers Compensation Claim Reserves Difference Among Carriers and TPAs  Most Workers Compensation Claim Reserves begin when the data input division of a carrier sets the claim up and puts on an automatic reserve.   The automatic reserve sets at usually a nominal amount for a medical only or lost time claim. 

Reserve Review Schedule – Are You Behind Or Ahead?

Reserve Review Schedule – Important Upcoming Date For January 1 Renewals A reserve review schedule can save many headaches if your company has a January 1 renewal.   January 1 remains the most popular date for renewals by far.    July 1st is the second most popular date.  Most governmental entities renew

EMod (XMod) Can I Obtain One Before My Agent Provides It Every Year?

My EMod (XMod) – When Can You Obtain It? How do I obtain my Emod (Experience Modification Factor0?  This question was emailed from a  medium-sized company from Kansas.   We receive this question regarding EMods often from employers that wish to budget for their upcoming Workers Comp policy year.  



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