SB 863 Actually Increased California Medical Costs?

California’s SB 863 – Unintended Consequences? Did California’s SB 863 increase the Workers Comp medical costs for the state? Workers Compensation Research Institute WCRI recently published a study that showed that California’s medical cost growth had slowed from 8% growth per year to 3% just before SB 863 was enacted.  When

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) – Doctor Says

Term Of The Day – Maximum Medical Improvement In most cases, Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is assigned by a treating physician when an injured employee’s condition has stabilized to the point that no major change is expected in his medical condition, despite continuing medical treatment. After MMI is assigned, the payment

Can I Buy Reinsurance ?

Term Of The Day – Reinsurance When one insurer’s claims become too large to cover financially, they procure additional insurance from other insurers to help cover losses. Insurers will buy insurance from as many insurers as necessary to ensure financial stability. This additional insurance is renamed reinsurance.   ©J&L Risk Management



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