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Insurance Blogging – Give It A Try – Five Easy Steps – One Secret

Insurance Blogging – Easy To Start – Hard To Keep Going My own experience with insurance blogging started in 2007.  I attended a conference in Atlanta on social media when it really started rolling along in 2008.  That is when I decided to start blogging very heavily and to have

Workers Comp Adjuster Communications – Use 3-3-3 Rule For Efficiency

Workers Comp Adjuster Communications vs. Productivity – 3-3-3 Rule Wins   The 3-3-3 Rule(c) was invented by me in 1997 to help Workers Comp adjuster communications become more efficient and effective.   The rule still applies, even more, today in the age of Social Media.  This rule can apply to so many

J&L Risk Management Consultants – Our 22nd Year – Thanks!!!

J&L Risk Management Consultants Begins 22nd Year of Service I started J&L Risk Management Consultants (originally called JLM Services) in 1995.  The old adage of “started on the kitchen table” applies to the 25 year plan created in one weekend with much hope and a large amount of coffee We

First Aid Kit For Workers Comp Premium Savings – Seven Items

Workers Compensation Premium First Aid Kit A good Workers Compensation premium first aid kit contains seven main items. One of the most popular questions we receive at presentations, emails, and social media is “How do we fix our Workers Comp situation  now?”   As mentioned often in this blog,  WC



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