North Carolina Legislature Corrects Workers Comp Privacy Mistakes

Workers Comp Privacy Mistakes Corrected For Now In North Carolina North Carolina’s Workers Comp privacy advocates had a field day earlier this year.   I think the entities that stood to benefit the most was the 30,000+ businesses that still yet today, have no Workers Comp insurance. As you can

Workers Comp Coverage North Carolina Agencies Tracking ERs?

Tracking Employers Without Workers Comp Coverage In North Carolina Without Workers Comp coverage whose job is it to track employers? For clarification: NCRB – North Carolina Rate Bureau NCDOL – North Carolina Department of Labor NCIC – North Carolina Industrial Commission NCCI – National Council on Compensation Insurance – not

North Carolina and Misclassification Confusion With New Task Force

NC Misclassification Confusion The misclassification confusion still exists in North Carolina. Recently, North Carolina’s Governor Perdue had drawn together a task force to lessen the number of Workers Comp scofflaws that exist in North Carolina. Earlier this year, 30,000 North Carolina employers did not have proper coverage for their workers.



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