Combined Ratio South Carolina NCCI Advisory Forum Shocker

 US Combined Ratio Falls Even Further to Historic Lows   US Combined Ratio Results The US had its best Combined Ratio last year since the 1950s and is improving even more.  The current Combined ratio is .89 nationwide.    I first heard about the incredibly low ratio at NCCI’s Virginia Advisory Meeting

Workers Compensation Premiums – An Investment?

Workers Compensation Premiums Are An Investment Workers Compensation premiums of any type are almost always viewed as an expense.  I actually changed my career path due to the question in the title.  Workers Compensation premiums should be viewed as an investment, whether a company pays premiums or is self-insured. Mark

LIBOR Scandal And Hard Markets

 Hard Markets And LIBOR Scandal I was reading a great article on the LIBOR scandal that will likely make Madoff and the Wall Street scandals seem small at best. One of the main concerns that I hear floating around in conferences and among clients is the soft vs. hard market for



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