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Does An Interstate Rating Cover All States?

Term Of The Day – Interstate Rating An Interstate rating cover a an experience modification factor across more than one state. These ratings are calculated by the NCCI for employers whose previous workers compensation policies have included payroll for more than one state. While most states recognize the interstate rating

Large Deductible Programs Can Be Reviewed for Premiuim Overcharges

Large Deductible Programs Reviewable For Premium Recoveries  Most Large Deductible Programs were ignored by auditors in the employer premium recovery industry for many years. We often hear from very large companies that they are in a large deductible programs and that examining the Workers Comp Audit (by the insurance carrier)

Temporary Agencies and Your Workers Compensation

Temporary Agencies vs. Workers Comp Temporary agencies or temp agencies have long affected the WC rating system.   Another of the major concerns when I spoke at the NC Mid-State Safety Council quarterly meeting was temporary agencies. The three main concerns I have with temp agencies are: In the past



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