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Workers Compensation Fraud In New Jersey – Video Says It All

Workers Compensation Fraud – New Jersey Man Caught on Video Workers Compensation fraud appears very rarely in the articles on this blog.  (Why?)   The subject remains one of the most overused and overwritten subjects since I first started in the business in the last part of the 1980s.   The Workers

Certified Return Receipt Mail – Old School Workers Comp Life Saver

Certified Return Receipt Mail – Workers Comp CYA The use of Certified Return Receipt Mail may seem out-of-date in the age of Facebook, Twitter,  etc.   However, when the chips are down, having that little green card in your Worker Comp file is like a stroll on the beach – very

Insurance Mail Heartburn Starts With Workers Compensation

Insurance Mail Heartburn Including Workers Comp Info The other insurance mail and Workers Comp heartburn  can be fixed with a few internal office adjustments.  Premium audit and other mail from your current or prior insurance carriers can cause you to get out the bottle of antacids. Workers Compensation mail seems



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