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Workers Comp Claim Action Plan- Online Access Answers 100+ Questions

Workers Comp Claim Action Plan – Online Access Answers 90% of Questions Most Workers Comp Claim Action Plans cause the adjusters to have to do a ton of work.   Long ago, when I was a full-time adjuster, I looked forward to closing out a file so that I did not

California Insurance Commissioner Surprises On Increase

California’s Insurance Commissioner Says Zero Increase California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner today recommend a 0% rate increase for advisory rates effective July 1, 2009. I was expecting the Commissioner to recommend a 7% – 10% rate increase. The reasons for the recommendation are not that surprising. The amount was the shocker.

Workers Comp Claim Medical Costs – Fast Way To Reduce?

Workers Comp Claim Medical Treatment Do the Workers Comp claim medical treatment costs affect my claims cost the most?  In my opinion, controlling the workers comp claim medical treatment is the quickest way to cut your Workers Comp costs. Controlling the medical costs not only means using the medical networks



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